MooseRoots Is Gone

For those who loved MooseRoots, it is gone. Not only that, but archived copies of it are no longer available on the Wayback Machine. I heard a rumor that it was gone a few weeks ago and when I checked, I got an error message of

This site is no longer available.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Attempts to find it on the WayBack Machine were met with the following:

Page cannot be displayed due to robots.txt.

See robots.txt page. Learn more about robots.txt.

If a site owner requests it, the organization that runs won’t allow people to save copies of the website to the Wayback Machine. At this point, I am not sure if MooseRoots was affected by the RootsWeb problem since it has been reported by some or if it something happened as reported by others.

It was a very useful site and I would dislike seeing it no longer available, especially since anything on the Wayback Machine has also been removed.

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