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Catalyst (Flying Buffalo Inc.) Bundle of Holding – Ends September 10, 2019

This Bundle of Holding is a bit different than usual. Bundle of Holding has decided to restart the campaign and went with choosing the charity themselves. Usually, the bundle creator chooses the charity. In this case, the charity is Help … Continue reading

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Two New Bundle of Holding Deals – August 20, 2019

Two new Bundle of Holding bundles. Mythras Worlds: (Looking for our other offers? Darkfast Dungeons — Mythras Core — War on Everything )Adventurer! This all-new Mythras Worlds Bundle presents recent .PDF sourcebooks and adventures for Mythras, the d100-based fantasy … Continue reading

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On The Rocks Kickstarter Campaign Cancelled

I am not sure why they waited so late to cancel the On The Rocks – campaign. It was schedule to end August 22, 2019. The campaign may or may not have reached its goal. They will be re-starting the … Continue reading

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Gaming Sunday August 18, 2019

 AS ALWAYS, CHECK PRICES BEFORE ORDERING as sales can end or change before I update them. Also, some sales only have so many items or keys available for purchase so the sale ends as soon as they run out of … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day – How to get Your Industry Regulated — The Ancient Gaming Noob

A Kinder Surprise Egg does not collect your data. The Kinder Egg does not learn more about the person buying and opening the Egg, such as his or her preferences for its contents. The Kinder Egg does not adjust its … Continue reading

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Gaming with my Kids — Sword, Board, and Pen

As school starts here in Kansas, I am feeling nostalgic for gaming with my children. Joseph is an adult, Katlyn just started her Senior year, and Aleksia started Kindergarten this week. I have been playing more games the past few … Continue reading

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My 3,000th Blog Post August, 2019

As always, a big thank you to those who read my blog, follow me, like a post, or comment. It’s appreciated. NOTE: over 1,400 words long. As noted in earlier milestone posts, I use these posts to look inward, both … Continue reading

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DOTS RPG Project August 15, 2019

I posted about the DOTS RPG Project in my last post – as they are the nonprofit being supported in that Bundle of Holding campaign. I thought the project sounded familiar – DOTS RPG Project Dice Shop. There are … Continue reading

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The New Bundle of Holding August 14, 2019

The Newest Bundle of Holding August 6, 2019 – Darkfast Dungeons. I saw this a few days ago, but my favorite Internet cafe blocks many gaming sites, including Bundle of Holding, and my first alternate Internet access was busy until … Continue reading

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5 on Friday: 09/08/19 — No Rerolls

It’s Friday, and here on No Rerolls that means it’s time for an all-new 5 on Friday. We’re going to start with 5 exciting releases for this week before moving on to our usual digest of some of our favourite … Continue reading

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