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Five Must See Menorahs

Update: Found a sixth one. For my Jewish friends and in celebration of Hanukkah or if you prefer Chanukkah or Chanukah ( חנוכה). From the largest to the smallest menorahs, here are five must see menorahs. Also saved to … Continue reading

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Remembering Veterans Today

This post is dedicated to veterans.Starting with my father, my oldest brother, numerous uncles, cousins, and other family members who have served in the military.   A special shout-out goes to Daniel Kring, my great-grandfather’s brother who paid the ultimate … Continue reading

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52 Ancestors Week 6 – Dad (Fred Smith 1929 – 1977) Happy Angel Day

Week 6 of the #52 Ancestors Challenge. Here’s the story behind it if you want to participate. I am posting this on Dad’s angel day. He passed away about this time, 9 PM, on 07 February 1977. I don’t have any … Continue reading

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Egypt Still Giving Up Secrets – Relatively Unknown Pharaoh Found

King Senebkay found 3,650 years later. Wonder how many other forgotten pharaohs remain buried, waiting for someone to find them? There’s a saying history is written by the victors. In the case of Egypt, the victors occasionally removed all … Continue reading

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3D Tech to Preserve the Past and Present for the Future

An interesting article on digital 3D modeling to preserve the past and present for future generations. This has huge potential for not only future generations, but for virtual tours for people who cannot travel to places connected to their … Continue reading

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Wreaths Across America – 14 December 2013

Next Saturday, December 14th, is the annual Wreaths Across America Day. This is a great program and the blog has a video clip that answers the question: How Do You Explain Wreaths Across America To A Friend Who Has Never Been … Continue reading

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Pearl Harbor – Lest We Forget

This post is to honor those who died or were injured at Pearl Harbor 07 December 1941. Photo of U.S.S. Arizona wreckage from Library of Congress Photo Archives – U.S. S. Arizona In honor of the U.S.S. Arizona band … Continue reading

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