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Fold3 Free Access Through May 26 2018

According to Fold3 on Twitter, it is offering free access through May 26, 2018. If it allows you to save records, you may want to save copies to your computer as those records probably won’t be accessible after the free … Continue reading

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Alaska and DNA Testing

I noticed a while back that MyHeritage has a restriction against DNA testing if you live in Alaska. It took me a while to find out why as my favorite and several least favorite search engines failed me. However, as … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day 2018

Happy Mother’s Day 2018 to all mothers with a special shout-out to my daughter for her first Mother’s Day. Additional shout-outs to my sister, nieces, cousins, and friends who are mothers. My mother passed away in 21 years ago and … Continue reading

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23andMe Suing Ancestry

Updated with note about one way that may get you around having to sign up with a professional e-mail address. In an interesting lawsuit, 23andMe is suing Ancestry. You can see the specifics at (NOTE: You may have to … Continue reading

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RootsWeb Progress Update

I am not seeing any new update on Ancestry or RootsWeb (last one was late March 2018), but I did see an e-mail from one of the RootsWeb lists I subscribe that indicated I needed to sign up with RootsWeb … Continue reading

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MyHeritage DNA Adoptee Campaign Over

Update May 5, 2018: Added waiting list information and the free transfer if you tested elsewhere. MyHeritage ran a campaign to provide 15,000 DNA kits to adoptees. The campaign closed recently with over 17,000 people signing up. Over the next … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to My Daughter, Karrlita

It’s hard to believe it’s been that long ago, but in the wee hours of the morning (okay, not so wee, but the first trip to the E.R. was in the wee hours of the morning), my daughter was born. … Continue reading

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