In Remembrance of Hurricane Camille August 17, 1969 – August 17, 2022

For those who weren’t around in August 17, 1969 or were too young to remember or didn’t live in the area, I was there in Gulfport, Mississippi. We lived a few blocks east of Milner Stadium. It’s about half a mile north of the beach and my parents opted to stay with some friends who lived a few blocks north of the Seabee Base. That put us about 1.5 or so miles north of the beach and at a better location. At the time, the meteorologists were debating where Camille would make landfall with some wide estimates from what they were saying on TV.

There are numerous YouTube videos on Hurricane Camille article:

My brothers and I had just left a room and closed the door when we heard a loud crash from the room. Turns out a branch had busted the window as the storm was in its early stages so making it to a hospital would have to wait until the storm died down had any of us stayed in the room and needed medical attention. I don’t know why the decision to leave the room was made as I was the youngest. I am glad the choice to leave the room was made.

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