Blog Award Policy

On the off-chance somebody is thinking of making my blog a recipient of a blog award, here is my (only) rule* for accepting such an award:

1) The award CANNOT require me to pick other bloggers to nominate. If choosing other bloggers is optional, that’s different, but I have only come across one blog award that made it optional.

*I may add other rules as needed, but rule #1 will always stay the same.

A big thank you to for doing a great job on why not to accept such awards and the first portion of this quote from the above blog sums up how I generally show appreciation for other bloggers. I may also like or re-blog/share another blogger’s posts in addition to commenting on a post.

My idea of appreciating a fellow blogger or being appreciated simply means commenting on each others’ blogs. I find that bloggers give me blog awards out of the blue– specially on posts which have a lot of comments or likes.

I haven’t been nominated for any awards, but decided early on that I would not accept the nomination if it required that I had to spam other bloggers to accept it.