Current DNA Sales – September 1, 2022

Current sales as of September 1, 2022. Double checked all prices before posting. 

The major DNA Sales going on now: 1)  LivingDNA Summer Sale up to 20% off  – basic kit sale price $79.00, other kits available no word on when it ends. 2) MyHeritage if you order the MyHeritage Basic kit offer sale $59.00 (still available as of September 1, 2022).  3) MyHeritage DNA kits on sale for $49.00, sale ends soon; 4)  23andMe – buy 1 kit at full price; 20% discount on other kits in the same order; no word on when sale ends. 5) FamilyTree DNA Summer Sale extended through September 6, 2022.

TeloYears offers 2 COVID-19 tests for sale – they are only available for bulk orders right now. We currently offer COVID-19 rRT-PCR testing by shipping collection kits in bulk to qualifying organizations such as clinics/physician practices, city and state governments, hospitals, nursing homes, employers, and health plans.  A discount if you buy both together. Helix offers a COVID-19 test. Vitagene offers a COVID-19 test if you qualify. However, you will need to meet the requirements to qualify for the test which aren’t easy. offers a free Coronavirus Health Assessment and a paid $34/use COVID-19 Severe Outcomes Genetic Analysis. FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) offers a CCR5 test for $39; if you have the mutations, you are a lot less likely to get COVID-19; it’s not a guarantee.

Over 1,300 words. If you are interested in a specific company, scroll down to it and see current price.

As always, check prices before you order! You can also check EBay and Amazon in case you find a lower price there, but make sure it’s for the same company and test. Some of the companies show an end date for their sale prices, but many don’t. Amazon loves to raise and lower prices on DNA tests on a somewhat regular basis, usually every few days for some of the major companies, bit less often for other companies. For EBay and Amazon purchases, always activate the test as soon as you get it to avoid problems.

Update to the last post: Current DNA Sales – August 24, 2022. WeGene is supposed to start selling $199.00 DNA kits. I check every few days since at some point I expect to see them offering this price. So far, they haven’t started selling them for $199.00. That’s an upgrade from the previous price of offering to sell them for $99.00. 

Monthly DNA company list for September 2022 Current 2022 DNA Companies September 1, 2022. This will cover many of the lesser known DNA companies or DNA companies that don’t offer sales too often.

23andMe:  regular price $99 for Ancestry+Health kits, save $70 on up to 6 kits; regular price $99.00  currently available as of  September 1, 2022; $69.00Ancestry-collection/dp/B01G7PYQTM/ sale price $145.00 regular price $199.00; VIP Health + Ancestry special deal regular price $499 (2 kits included, a point missed by those not reading the fine print) – not seeing it on Amazon). 

AncestryDNA:   regular price $99.00 (basic AncestryDNA test – still valid as of  September 1, 2022). On Amazon – (Basic AncestryDNA test) regular price $99.00 – currently available as of September 1, 2022; Amazon AncestryDNA + Traits, – currently available as of September 1, 2022, sale price $74.99; regular price $119.00 on Amazon. Check other vendors, but make sure you register the kit as soon as you get it if you go this route, on Amazon as sometimes they are cheaper than the listed Amazon price in the link. The reason to activate immediately is in case someone used a stolen credit card to buy the kit before putting it on EBay or Amazon.

Dante Labs Whole Genome Sequencing: regular price $550 (8 week processing) – choose between 2 week turnaround or 8 week turnaround (2 week turnaround is more expensive); Whole GenomeZ – Whole Genome Sequencing for Advanced Diagnostics (130X + 30X)) – regular price $999.00 (8 week option), regular price $1,499.00 (2 week option).

DNAFit:  Sale price available – see link.

FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) $79 regular price; Family Finder Amazon link: Amazon –  regular price $79.00. FTDNA offers mtDNA and Y-DNA testing that are also on sale. Prices as of September 1, 2022 CCR5 test available for $39 – may help determine if you are at a lower risk for getting COVID-19. mtDNA and Y-DNA kits also on sale.

Regular prices:

Y-DNA Prices starting at $119.00
mtDNA Price. regular price $159.00

FindMyPastDNA (they use LivingDNA kits): price $89.00, although prices on LivingDNA vary, as of September 1, 2022 ($79.00 sale price for basic kit, regular price $99) kits on Amazon – two kits may or may not be available: – currently unavailable as of September 1, 2022 – usually comes back in a reasonable time frame; – currently unavailable as of September 1, 2022 – usually comes back in a reasonable time frame. They accept free limited transfers from other DNA testing companies. The prices are only available at LivingDNA. Check LivingDNA as the prices change sometimes too often for me to keep up.

Full Genomes Corporation: $15 Individual SNPs. Other options available.

Helix – some tests maybe on sale, but many aren’t (direct link to Helix list of most DNA tests offered, but it’s not the complete list as some are only listed in other parts of the Helix site). However, Helix sometimes does limited sales so check any test you are considering to see if it’s on sale. They offer a COVID-19 test, but see requirements for receiving it; tends to be limited to large orders from medical providers or similar agencies.

MyHeritageDNA; regular price $89.00; sale price $59.00.regular price for the package $199.00); (currently available as of September 1, 2022) sale price $49.00; regular price $89.00; GroupOn (for MyHeritageDNA Basic kit only, not the Health add-on):  $65.00 price – available as of September 1, 2022. MyHeritageDNA accepts free limited transfers from FTDNA as well as from AncestryDNA, LivingDNA, and 23andMe (including v5 chip now). Free limited transfer of raw data from many other DNA companies although if you have a paid MyHeritage subscription, the full upgrade is free.

Sequencing:; price varies (same as the LivingDNA starter kit for some tests). You need to sign up for 3 months of Silver, Gold, or Platinum membership (annual membership is cheaper, but if you are not sure you want to go that route, monthly membership is available. If you cancel before the third month, you will be charged a penalty). Better off ordering the kit from the LivingDNA link above as you don’t need a 3-month subscription and get free shipping unless you want the extra reports provided by 

You can take a free Coronavirus Health Assessment and a paid $34/use COVID-19 Severe Outcomes Genetic Analysis.

TeloYears regular prices for some things, but a limited time sale price for other things (price still valid as of September 1, 2022 although sale items vary from time to time). see prices on link as they change them too frequently to keep up. Not available on Amazon. Also offer 2 COVID-19 related tests. They are only available for bulk orders right now.

Vitagene: regular price starts at $99, with kits at $139 and $289. One kit ($289 is on sale for $249) Also, check GroupOn – (choose your location). If you qualify, you can order a COVID-19 test from Vitagene.

Current sales:

Health Reports for diet, fitness, supplementation + Ancestry + free 15 minute nutritional phone consultation. Regular price $99. Believe this is the same report available on Amazon: sale price $69.00 (price varies from day to day) – coupon may be available, regular price $99.00 (available as of September 1, 2022, but usually shows back up on Amazon at some point)- price may or may not be cheaper on Amazon as they love to raise and lower the prices on a regular basis. 

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How Many of These Crazy English Words Do You Know? — Commonplace Fun Facts

We love words. We especially love strange words. Fortunately, the English language has a limitless supply of them to tantalize even the most discriminating lexophile.

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Newest Bundle of Holding – Psi-Punk Quick Deal Bundle – September 28, 2022

Newest Bundle of Holding – Psi-Punk Quick Deal Bundle Ends October 5, 2022


Through Wednesday, October 5, for just one week, we present the Psi-punk Quick Deal featuring Psi-punk, the psionic-cyberpunk SFRPG by Jacob Wood from Accessible Games. Based on the Fudge universal system, Psi-punk takes you to the North American Union of 2096, where ghosts, psiborgs, technomancers, and soul jackers walk among us. To compete, you’ll build your ideal body, implant a few high-tech devices, sign up with a megacorp or government, and discover what it means to be more than human.

This new Quick Deal ties in to Everyone Games, an online event (30 Sept – 01 Oct 2022) that promotes accessibility options for partially-sighted, blind, and otherwise disabled gamers. Psi-punk designer Jacob Wood, who has been partially blind since his mid-teens, helps coordinate Everyone Games. “Games are for absolutely everyone,” says Jacob. “Not every game is designed for every person, but I believe every person should have the opportunity to find a game.” Check the Everyone Games YouTube channel and Twitch channel.

We presented the Psi-punk core rulebook in the February 2015 IGDN Bundle and again in the September 2020 Fudge Bundle. Now, for the first time, this new Psi-punk Quick Deal presents the entire line for a great price. Pay just US$7.95 to get all seven titles in our Psi-punk Collection (retail value $34.50) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the complete Psi-punk corebook; the supplements Corps and Criminals and World’s Edge Arena; and four player character Archetypes: BrennerChangelingOpportunist, and Promoter.

Fudge-based RPGs use Fudge Dice, available from Evil Hat Productions (as “Fate Dice”), at hobby gaming stores, or from Amazon (affiliate link).

This Psi-punk Quick Deal exits the World’s Edge arena and vanishes into the favelas of Puna Arenas just one week from now, Wednesday, October 5.


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Oktoberfest Picnic at Miss Pat’s — Toni Andrukaitis

Today was the big Oktoberfest picnics over by Miss Pat’s. Miss Pat, better known as the Cookie Lady, and the friends at Hudson Crossing Apartments hosted their annual picnic. And as usual, the weather was picture perfect for all the friends who showed up to celebrate another year of friendship,

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Millions of Americans will save on Medicare fees next year – Associated Press September 27, 2022

I saw this recently on Associated Press – Millions of Americans will save on Medicare fees next year – Associated Press September 27, 2022: Longer article

By AMANDA SEITZ September 27, 2022

WASHINGTON (AP) — For the first time in a decade, Americans will pay less next year on monthly premiums for Medicare’s Part B plan, which covers routine doctors’ visits and other outpatient care.

The rare 3% decrease in monthly premiums is likely to be coupled with a historically high cost-of-living increase in Social Security benefits — perhaps 9% or 10% — putting hundreds of dollars directly into the pockets of millions of people.

“That’s something we may never see again in the rest of our lives,” said Mary Johnson, the Social Security and Medicare policy analyst for The Senior Citizens League. “That can really be used to pay off credit cards, to restock pantries that have gotten low because people can’t afford to buy as much today as they did a year ago and do some long-postponed repairs to homes and cars.”

The 2023 decrease in monthly Medicare premiums comes after millions of beneficiaries endured a tough year of high inflation and a dramatic increase to premiums this year. Most people on Medicare will pay $164.90 a month for Part B coverage starting next year, a savings of $5.20.


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My Book Review of Hero Haters — J. M. NORTHUP


This book… there were moments I felt sick to my stomach. The demented people depicted is the worst kind of horror, but the plot… I can’t deny the brilliant story the author wrote. It’s twisted, but only because human nature can be.

My Book Review of Hero Haters
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Rules for thee: Gavin Newsom goes to Texas despite California’s travel ban – Washington Examiner September 26, 2022

I saw this recently on Washington Examiner – Rules for thee: Gavin Newsom goes to Texas despite California’s travel ban – Washington Examiner September 26, 2022: Longer article.

By Heather Hamilton September 26, 2022

California Gov. Gavin Newsom traveled to Texas this past weekend despite Texas being one of the states California has banned as a destination for official government travel.

Newsom spoke at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, Texas, on Saturday, calling Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis a “bully” and saying he is more worried about Fox News host Tucker Carlson than former President Donald Trump.

The California governor also said Democratic candidates are timid and “getting crushed” by Republicans that “dominate with illusion.”

California began banning government-funded travel to states such as Texas in 2017 due to laws in those states that allegedly discriminate against LGBT individuals. Today, 22 states are included in the travel ban.

Despite Newsom spending millions of dollars to encourage people to move from Republican states to California, the Democratic state lost nearly 370,000 net residents from June 2021 to June 2022, according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates. Texas and Florida top the list of states to which residents are moving.


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If a Tree Falls in the Forest — Brother’s Campfire


Hello, Benjamin from Brothers Campfire here!

Work was good yesterday. Today, we will be hosting a magic show, comedy act, and some dance choreography at the prison. We will see how it goes.

If a Tree Falls in the Forest…

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How a remote lagoon and a ‘secret weapon’ allowed the US Navy to overwhelm Japanese forces during World War II – Business Insider September 25, 2022

I saw this recently on Business Insider – How a remote lagoon and a ‘secret weapon’ allowed the US Navy to overwhelm Japanese forces during World War II – Business Insider September 25, 2022: Longer article.

(Benjamin Brimelow) September 25, 2022

On September 16, 1944, as US Marines began a major assault on Peleliu, Adm. William Halsey, commander of the US Navy’s 3rd Fleet, ordered III Amphibious Corps to seize Ulithi Atoll, located 400 miles to the northeast.

On September 16, 1944, as US Marines began a major assault on Peleliu, Adm. William Halsey, commander of the US Navy’s 3rd Fleet, ordered III Amphibious Corps to seize Ulithi Atoll, located 400 miles to the northeast.

Located roughly between Guam and Palau and some 1,300 miles from Tokyo, Ulithi would have been easy to overlook, but within a few weeks it would become essential to the war effort.

Hundreds of Allied ships would fill its lagoon and thousands of troops would occupy its islands. The remote coral outcropping would allow them to take the fight all the way to Japan’s shores.


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Review: Two Biblical Counseling Booklets for Single Parents — The Domain for Truth

Quick note before I get to my book reviews: WordPress notified me that I’ve been blogging on here for 16 years!

Review: Two Biblical Counseling Booklets for Single Parents — The Domain for Truth

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Newest Bundle of Holding – One Revived Infinity Factions Bundle and One New Infinity Bundle – September 26, 2022

Newest Bundle of Holding Infinity Factions (ends October 17, 2022): and


Through Monday, October 17 we present two offers featuring Infinity, the Modiphius Entertainment 2d20 SFRPG of adventure in the Human Sphere and beyond. You have a new chance to get the revived December 2019 Infinity RPG Bundle along with its all-new companion, Infinity Factions.

The Infinity RPG line is about spacefaring adventures in the style of AppleseedGhost in the Shell, and Richard K. Morgan’s cyberpunk novel Altered CarbonInfinity tells a vast story of conspiracy, war, and spacefaring adventure on a dozen planets controlled by ten squabbling factions. Infinity is about covert ops and flash conflicts – dronebots, hellfire cybersystems, and super-soldiers in TAG exoskeletons – quantronics and domotics and the interstellar Maya network. Pirates cruise the shattered planetoids of Human Edge; scientists delve the oceans of Varuna; war correspondents duck gunfire in the twisted emerald jungles of Paradiso; bounty hunters pursue rogue AIs through Nomad motherships; and hypercorps struggle for dominance in the chrome towers of Neoterra. Bodies are transhuman; memories are recorded in quantronic Cubes and hosted in artificial Lhosts. ALEPH, humanity’s first true Artificial Intelligence, promises either the great hope of civilization, its greatest existential crisis, or both. And from beyond the Human Sphere, the alien Combined Army has invaded, threatening to destroy everything.

INFINITY RPG [from Dec 2019]

This revived Infinity RPG Bundle once again gives you everything you need to start adventuring across the Human Sphere, including the complete 528-page Infinity RPG Core Book, the scenario collection Adventures in the Human Sphere, the Gamemaster’s Guide, the faction sourcebooks Ariadna and Haqqislam, the campaign adventure Quantronic Heat, and the GM Screen with its Code Infinity mini-adventure. If you’re new to the game, start here.


This new Infinity Factions companion offer adds recent sourcebooks that let you play mercenaries, Nomads on colossal Motherships, weird Tohaa conquerors, and even the Borg-like assimilating alien invaders called the Combined Army.

Pay just US$14.95 to get all five titles in this offer’s Starter Collection (retail value $57) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the sourcebooks for PanOceaniaYu Jing, and Paradiso, and the campaign adventures Shadow Affairs and Cost of Greed.

Pay more than this offer’s threshold ($24.95 to start) and you’ll also get this offer’s entire Bonus Collection with five more sourcebooks worth an additional $59, including MercenariesCombined ArmyALEPHNomads, and Tohaa.


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