AncestryDNA $69 Sale Through August 15, 2017

Received an e-mail from Ancestry announcing their DNA tests are on sale for $69 (regular price $99 although they were recently slashed to $79 as mentioned in my earlier blog post) until August 15, 2017. This is one of their better prices so grab it while you can. The e-mail said no limit on number of kits ordered. To save on shipping, is now showing the $69 sale price. If you have Amazon Prime, you can get it in two (2) days. For non-Prime members, it will take a few days longer to get it.  It appears they may have reached the five (5) million kits sold based on the snippet of the ad showing the link. I didn’t screenshot the ad since it was on my phone, and I am not seeing it now.

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AncestryDNA Tests $79 with $69 for Additional Tests Ordered at Same Time


If you want an AncestryDNA test, they are currently running $79 for the first test with additional tests ordered at the same time being $69 each. You can find them at

According to an unnamed Ancestry employee (per a comment in a Facebook group), Ancestry is testing $79 as a possible new price point; regular price is $99, but MyHeritage has been offering its autosomal DNA test for $79 for a while and MyHeritage also accepts free transfers from FTDNA, 23andMe, and Ancestry.

Ancestry presently has the largest autosomal DNA database with over four (4) million people who have tested and should be approaching the five (5) million tested mark in the near future.

It doesn’t appear to discount multiple tests if you order through, but you get free shipping (with or without Prime) so if you are only ordering one (1) kit, you may save money ordering it throutorgh Amazon.

Time will tell if Ancestry keeps the new price point, but considering their largest future DNA competitor, MyHeritage, has been offering $79 tests for a while and other companies are testing, or considering, selling full DNA tests for $200 – 500, any of the Big Four (FTDNA, 23andMe, Ancestry, and MyHeritage) who plan on staying around will in the not too distant future need to cut their prices down to $50 or less if they want to stay competitive. An Australian company has been trying to get enough backers to offer full DNA testing for $200 AUD. They were hoping to get something going by year-end, but they hit some snags along the way.

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FTDNA August 2017 DNA Sale


FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) has announced its Summer Sale; runs through August 31, 2017. More information can be found at

It’s one of several DNA sales going on right now.

Individual Tests (as opposed to Bundles)

Family Finder (autosomal test – males and females) $69 (regular price $89)
Y-37 (males only) $139 (regular price $169)
mtFull Sequence (males and females) $159 (regular price $199)
Big Y (males only and you may need to have tested to at least Y-37 markers; if not, contact FTDNA and see if they will let you order by either ordering or upgrading to Y-37 or higher;  Big Y is not on list  in the above link, but reported by several FTDNA project admins) $395 (best sale price to date) regular price $595

Family Finder + Y-37 (male specific test bundle) $198 (regular price $258)
Family Finder + mtFull Sequence (male or female test bundle) $218 (regular price $288)
Family Finder + Y-6 + mtFull Sequence (male specific test bundle) $430 (regular price $556)


Best to check out all the DNA sales before making your final decision, but if you want mtDNA and/or Y-DNA, this is one of the better sales and FTDNA is one of the few companies that offers these tests and they include matching. Other companies that offer Y-DNA include Full Genomes and; also offers mtDNA and full DNA testing. Full Genomes also offers full DNA testing, but neither or Full Genomes offers matching.

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MyHeritage $69 DNA Father’s Day Sale

MyHeritage is currently running a DNA sale for $69 (regular price is $99, but has been discounted routinely to $79) through June 19th –

While MyHeritage is one of the new kids on the block in terms of DNA testing, it had been selling kits from FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) and 23andMe for a while. And its current kits are processed by FTDNA. It also accepts free autosomal transfers from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and FTDNA. It is one of the smallest number of tested with an estimated 20,000 tested between those who tested directly with MyHeritage and those who have done the free transfer. I expect MyHeritage to become a major player in the DNA field if it continues to offer the free transfers from other companies.

It now shows ethnic results to those who aren’t paying subscribers to MyHeritage. Initially, it wasn’t showing the ethnic results. As pointed out by any number of bloggers, ethnic results from any company should be taken with a grain of salt below the continental level as well as realizing ethnic results at the continental level can wash out within a few generations if it is not being replenished. For example, Native American can wash out within 3 – 4 generations if you had a full-blooded Native American  as one ancestor who married a non-Native American and subsequently none of his/her descendants married Native Americans.

I will be updating the Father’s Day DNA Sale blog post to reflect the discount.

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Remembering D-Day June 6, 1944

Today in history, we remember D-Day, June 6, 1944, the opening salvo of Operation Overlord launched by the Western Allies to invade northern France with the ultimate goal of overthrowing Hitler and the Nazis.  Five beaches – Omaha, Gold, Juno, Sword, and Utah, were the invasion points for the amphibious forces with additional airborne units landing behind the beaches with the goal to disrupt reinforcements and capture various objectives.

Casualty estimates were over 10,000 Allied, including 4,414 confirmed dead and between 4,000 – 9,000 Axis casualties.




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FamilyTree DNA Father’s Day Sale

FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) announced its second sale, runs through June 18, 2017. This is addition to its other sale that runs through June 24 or 28, 2017.

FamilyFinder sale price of $69 (regular price $89)
FamilyFinder + Y-37 sale price of $199 (regular price $258)
FamilyFinder + Y-67 sale price of $337 (regular price $357)
FamilyFinder + mtFull Sequence sale price of $268 (regular price $288)
Y-37 sale price of $139 (regular price $169)

FTDNA’s other DNA sale, ends June 24 or 28, 2017 from what others have reported.

1) RAMY2017111 – $60 off Y-111
2) RAMBigY2017 – $150 off Big Y

One person reported a problem ordering the Big Y, but others have been able to without a problem. You can always call in an order to FTDNA or try a different browser to order. You probably need a Y-37 or higher test to order it. At least it used to require a Y-37 and it sounds like you need at least some level of Y-DNA testing to order it.



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DNA.Land Reaches 50K Genomes Uploaded

Yesterday (June 4, 2017), DNA.Land reported 50,000 genomes have been uploaded. They don’t offer DNA tests, but they accept free autosomal transfers from Ancestry, FTDNA and 23andMe. They offer limited matching capability and provide ethnic results.

DNA.Land has been around for a while with several bloggers posting about the company in October 2015.


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