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Maj. Richard “Dick” Sherman, last living member of Chennault’s Flying Tigers, passes away at 96

Rest in peace Major Richard “Dick” Sherman. He died January 9, 2019. Maj. Richard Sherman, last living member of Chennault’s Flying Tigers, passes away at 96 (has a video which is also available on YouTube: I saw it posted … Continue reading

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Iowa WPA Graves Website

I mentioned this particular graving site, Iowa WPA Graves –, a while back in 52 Ancestor Week 20 – Martha Jane (Jefferies) Lee – Found and more recently alluded to in Another Cemetery Site, in a response to … Continue reading

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Biloxi Lighthouse Mississippi Mondays

Slightly different choice for Mississippi Mondays today. You can learn more about the Biloxi Lighthouse at and (camera showing traffic appears to be installed on or near the Lighthouse, facing west . In addition to the above, it … Continue reading

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How Often Should You Blog?

This is a personal decision. Of the 300+ bloggers I follow, it varies greatly. Some only post a couple of times/month (as in 1-2/month or 1-2/week) and others post dozens/day, usually it’s somewhere in the middle. One cheat you can … Continue reading

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FindMyPast Fridays January 11, 2019

I almost forgot about FindMyPast Fridays. This week’s link is There are more than 500,000 new records and newspapers articles available to search this Findmypast Friday, including: Kent Baptisms Over 23,000 new records covering Anglican and Wesleyan baptisms in … Continue reading

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If you are not familiar with, it’s another cemetery or graving site. You will sometimes find people listed on that you won’t find on Find-A-Grave, BillionGraves, or some of the other graving websites. It’s funded through a sponsorship … Continue reading

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Emmett Kelly Museum, Sedan, Kansas

I have been to Sedan, Kansas a few times back in the mid-1980s, but didn’t know about this museum –; Wikipedia: Had I known, I would have went to it. I haven’t had a chance to get back … Continue reading

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