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Mental Health Discussion in the Family Blog Article

Andrea Paquette posted an article on Mental Health Stigma in the Family on In the article, she talks about being a child in a family with mental illness and ways to overcome the barriers in talking to family members … Continue reading

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Successful Meeting of Genealogy and Mental Health

This entry for the 52 Ancestors challenge by Schalene Jennings Dagutis is a great example of a way around some of the problems associated with mental health roadblocks in genealogy research. Diaries are kept by many people and may contain a lot of … Continue reading

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Mixing Genealogy and Mental Health – Rarely Easy, But Can Be Done

I haven’t touched much on the crossroads where genealogy and mental health/illness meet. If you have a family member who was institutionalized in a mental health facility, insane asylum, etc., you quickly discover how difficult it is to find out … Continue reading

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100th Post Or Is It? Reflections – Past, Present, and Future

Dashboard shows this will be my 100th Published Post. It shows All (120), Published (99 – before this one posts) Sticky (1) Scheduled (1) Drafts (20) Trash (2). Not showing is my first blog post. You won’t find it anywhere … Continue reading

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Bring Change 2 Mind Stories

I learned about Bring Change 2 Mind from a Breakthrough colleague. I mentioned starting a blog and she suggested looking at Bring Change 2 Mind. It is an good resource for people who struggle with mental illness and for their … Continue reading

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Community Support Helped Margaret Trudeau Live With Bipolar Depression

Nice article on how community support can make a huge difference in the lives of people living with mental illness. There are many ways to get community support, but the amount of support available can vary widely. There … Continue reading

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DBSA – Depression Bipolar Support Alliance

The Depression Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) is a great resource for people dealing with depression and bi-polar. There are 700 support groups and 300 chapters. Website About DBSA Facebook page

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