Happy Thanksgiving November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving 2020. I realize it’s going to be hard for some people, especially during this pandemic. Please use masks and only eat with people who live with you. Canada’s Thanksgiving last month showed a large spike in COVID-19 cases shortly after their Thanksgiving. It’s because people weren’t using masks with family members who didn’t live with them and weren’t doing social distancing. Normally I would share Thanksgiving with one of two sets of friends, but the pandemic may put those plans on hold. I was exposed to COVID-19 a while back. I don’t know if I got it as I haven’t been tested, but I quarantined to reduce spreading it on the likelihood I had been infected.

I will be checking my blog and reading the blogs I follow throughout the day as I scheduled all of yesterday’s posts, today posts, and the first two posts for tomorrow yesterday.

I am thankful the Lord made the ultimate sacrifice to take our place for those who accept Christ. I am thankful for the things in my life that the Lord has provided. This isn’t only for the good things, but for the things He puts in my life that make it not as easy as it could be. There are reasons for why He does this. It could be to teach me a valuable lesson or avoid some hardship I didn’t realize I was about to face.

I am thankful for a roof over my head, for having my needs met and sometimes my wants met. I am thankful for learning to live with a cooler house in the winter. This was tough as I prefer 70 F for the winter, but I reached the point where that was way above my budget so I cut itto 60 F. With the old system, 60 was more than warm enough. With the new thermostat, I raised it to 62 F as 60 was too cold. I live under the blankets when at home to stay warm. That works well.

I learned to live without air conditioning as heating is more important than cooling. I learned to compensate and be thankful for things I can’t afford.

I have known many people who had much harder lives than mine, but some of those individuals were the happiest people you would ever meet. They saw the blessings the Lord gave them and didn’t worry about the problems facing them. I have known people who had much easier lives than mine with a lot of money, but they are some of the most miserable people I know.

Being thankful and happy are choices we can make or not make. I choose to be thankful and happy. I change what I can and adapt to things beyond my control or budget.

I remember Mrs. Spears – https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/94342825/glendora-spears, the first person I met who was missing a leg below the knee. She was our neighbor and she never complained about it. I know it bothered her, but she hid it well. She introduced me to the concept of phantom pain as she would get pain in her missing foot or toes.

I do my best to take life’s downs and realize they are happening for a reason. I may not know what the reason is, but I prefer to treat it as a potentially valuable learning opportunity instead of moaning about “Woe is me!” I also take the good things the Lord has done for me and thank Him for doing them.

If you have family members or friends who will be alone today, call, text, or visit them on social media.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales – November 25, 2020

I mentioned Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales in this post – Black Friday and Cyber Monday Ads Preview – October 31, 2020. I haven’t done in person visits to stores on either day recently. The last time I went in person was 2018 and it was to a small computer store where I picked up the laptop I am typing on. It was several years earlier, I found I could often find better deals online at many stores than I could find in person as the stock on hand at the stores tend to be very limited. Some items are only available in the store, but again, many items are going to sale out fast.

With the pandemic going on, I am not sure how local stores will handle the sales tomorrow, on Friday, and on Monday. I would guess they are going to limit people in the store, starting with who showed up first. Tomorrow it’s supposed to warm up to the upper 50s F. For Black Friday early morning sales, it will be in the mid to upper 30s F. Not the weather I would want to be shopping in if I had to wait outside for any length of time on Black Friday.

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Free Printable Family Tree Templates and Online Family Tree Ideas – FamilySearch November 24, 2020

I saw this on FamilySearch recently – Free Printable Family Tree Templates and Online Family Tree Ideas: https://www.familysearch.org/blog/en/family-tree-templates-family-tree-maker/. Article is longer, but here are some details.

November 24, 2020 by Jessica Grimaud  

Want to display your family story in a fun, creative way? The following free family tree templates will help you do just that. These family tree ideas not only look great on the wall, but filling out the family tree charts is a great activity to bring the whole family together!

Printable, Free Family Tree Templates

Print one or more of the family trees below, and fill out the boxes with your family names. For help on how to make a family tree online, skip to the bottom for information on FamilySearch’s family tree maker.


How to Make a Family Tree Chart Online

You don’t need to print family tree to record your family history. FamilySearch offers a wonderful free family tree maker you can access right from the app store or from your browser!

The FamilySearch Family Tree provides an easy online template for recording your genealogy. After filling out some basic information about your family (we recommend starting with the first four generations), you can view your family tree in several ways, including as a genealogy fan chart or basic pedigree chart. You can even print your online family tree chart! \ Create Your Family Tree


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Happy Early Thanksgiving November 26, 2020

This is addressed to my readers and Followers who may be awake or possibly asleep when it posts, but I know some of them are already experiencing Thanksgiving where they live. May Thanksgiving 2020 be a great day for you. I am not sure what I will be doing tomorrow. I will be thinking of family and friends who I can’t be with and keeping them in prayers. I am thankful for more than I could ever articulate in a short post and will be re-blogging or sharing a lot of Thanksgiving posts this week.

I know this has been a tough year as the pandemic has caused a lot of problems for many people. I know it can be hard to think on the positives, but consider how much worse things can be.

If you have family members or friends who will be alone tomorrow, call, text, or visit them on social media.

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Ancestry® Offers Opportunity to Explore Family Stories for Free this Thanksgiving Weekend to Bring Families Together During an Unprecedented Holiday Season – November 23, 2020

I saw this today – Ancestry® Offers Opportunity to Explore Family Stories for Free this Thanksgiving Weekend to Bring Families Together During an Unprecedented Holiday Season: https://www.ancestry.com/corporate/newsroom/press-releases/ancestry-offers-opportunity-explore-family-stories-free-thanksgiving. Slightly longer article, but here’s a glimpse; you can read the article in the link above. Includes a YouTube video.

Press Release November 23, 2020

Actor Rob Lowe Makes New Discoveries About His Family Using Ancestry Records

LEHI, Utah & SAN FRANCISCO, November 23, 2020 – To help Americans feel more connected, even when they may be apart this holiday season, Ancestry®, the global leader in family history, is offering everyone free access to personalized stories from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday. Actor Rob Lowe, a passionate family man and history buff, partnered with Ancestry to uncover more about his own ancestry and made new, unexpected family connections. 

“With this holiday poised to be like no other, finding a new way to connect with family is important, now more than ever,” said Rob Lowe. “I love that Ancestry is helping families come together by finding meaningful connections in what they have in common–their shared past. Our oral histories have been shared around the campfire for centuries and they are not only a huge part of our personal lives but of our culture and civilization. Ancestry is the new campfire–the place where we gather and we share and we talk and we remember and we discover. When my sons and I set out to explore our family history on Ancestry, we weren’t sure what we would uncover, and the experience was truly inspiring.”


This Thanksgiving weekend, with just one click, anyone can use Ancestry’s StoryScout™ tool that quickly sifts through millions of records and can curate stories about your ancestors to help you make meaningful discoveries with no research needed. Simply enter a grandparent’s name and where they might have lived and you could be given rich, visual stories about who your ancestors were, where and how they lived, the challenges they overcame, and ultimately how their story led to you. 

Ancestry understands the importance of family connection. Recent survey data* shows that nearly 80% of Americans polled found a greater sense of resiliency, connection and belonging after learning stories about their ancestors’ struggles and triumphs, and over 90% believe there are lessons from the past that can help change how they live today. 

“In this year of many unforeseeable challenges, we are reminded of what is truly important–our families,” said Margo Georgiadis, President and CEO, Ancestry. “Family grounds us and makes us feel less alone, and learning more about who you are and where you come from creates a stronger foundation for navigating the world around you. We know people are looking for more meaningful ways to celebrate the holidays this year while many are apart, and we want to help families discover their history, inspire rich conversations and create a stronger sense of belonging when people need it most.”



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Coast Guard – Featured Vlogger of the Week – November 25, 2020

I chose Coast Guard: https://www.youtube.com/user/USCGImagery as this week’s Featured Vlogger of the Week.

They have 37.4K subscribers, 1.8K videos.  Joined Feb 11, 2007, 23,816,872 views

 About page: https://www.youtube.com/c/USCGImagery/about

Social Media:

Official websitehttps://coastguard.dodlive.mil/

Compass: http://www.compass.coastguard.blog

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UScoastguard

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/coast_guard/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/uscoastguard/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/uscg

Videos I re-blogged:

The story of Mr. Frank DeVita, Coast Guard WWII veteran – U. S. Coast Guard YouTube Direct link: The story of Mr. Frank DeVita, Coast Guard WWII veteran: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JU8oNX9AB_E (about 23:47 minutes long)

MCPOCG encourages Coast Guard members to get out and vote – U. S. Coast Guard YouTube Direct link: MCPOCG encourages Coast Guard members to get out and vote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9wHgX-LF6U (about 32 seconds long)

Coast Guard honors innovators with annual awards – U. S. Coast Guard YouTube Direct link: Coast Guard honors innovators with annual awards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2piApikIZc4 (about 3:03 minutes long)

Coast Guard Cutter Life! – U. S. Coast Guard YouTube Direct link: Coast Guard Cutter Life!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knJEDogrSq4 (about 19:39 minutes long)

Coast Guard Top 10 Rescue Videos – U. S. Coast Guard YouTube Direct link: Coast Guard Top 10 Rescue Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfkHTcqOZOU (about 9:24 minutes long)

Day 1: It’s Not Just 8 Weeks – U. S. Coast Guard YouTube Direct link: Day 1: It’s Not Just 8 Weeks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGPmXxmY-nA (around 3:05 minutes long)

Video of US Airways descent into Hudson River released – U. S. Coast Guard YouTube Direct link: Video of US Airways descent into Hudson River released: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mLKfRVU3qM (about 10:01 minutes long) – most popular


Previous Featured Vloggers of the Week: https://upsdownsfamilyhistory.wordpress.com/tag/featured-vlogger-of-the-week/

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FamilyTree DNA Black Friday Sale – November 25, 2020

I mentioned the sale in this post – Current DNA Sales November 25, 2020. At the time I didn’t have the upgrade prices. I contacted Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) and I received a quick response on prices, including the upgrade prices.

Here’s the price list: https://learn.familytreedna.com/general/price-chart/ direct from FTDNA. I added it to the earlier post.

2020 Black Friday Sale

Standard Tests
TestRegular PriceSale Price
Family Finder$79$49
mtFull Sequence$159$139
Big Y-700*$449$379
UpgradeRegular PriceSale Price
Y-12 to Y-37$79$59
Y-12 to Y-67$149$139
Y-12 to Y-111$199$149
Y-25 to Y-37$49$39
Y-25 to Y-67$119$109
Y-25 to Y-111$189$139
Y-37 to Y-67$89$69
Y-37 to Y-111$139$119
Y-67 to Y-111$89$79
Y-12 to Big Y-700*$399$359
Y-25 to Big Y-700*$389$349
Y-37 to Big Y-700*$339$319
Y-67 to Big Y-700*$279$259
Y-111 to Big Y-700*$239$229
Big Y-500 to Big Y-700$209$189
mtDNA (HVR1) to mtFull Sequence$119$79
mtDNA Plus to mtFull Sequence$119$79

*Does not include the Big Y BAM file product.

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Chocolate Covered Cashews — The Sugar Attic

Such a simple recipe for a hustle bustle Christmas! 1.Container of melting chocolate bought at local market. 2. Container of whole cashews Melt the chocolate according to pkg directions. Dip cashews in chocolate. Allow chocolate covered cashews to firm for about an hour. Eat!

Chocolate Covered Cashews — The Sugar Attic.

Maybe I can convince a friend to make this recipe.

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Current DNA Sales November 25, 2020

Updated November 25, 2020 with FamilyTree DNA upgrade prices.

FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) Black Friday Sale started today, ends December 1, 2020. AncestryDNA removed the $60 test if you do a 3-month World Subscription recently, but they keep removing it and bringing it back on a regular basis so check if you want a 3-month World Subscription for $1 with AncestryDNA test. AncestryDNA Health on Amazon – sale price $99, a drop from the $119 sale price that had been offering, regular price $199. Dante Labs offering sale prices $149 for 30x and $239 for Whole Genomez, regular sale prices are $599 and $849 – see the links under Dante Labs below. These are the 8-week options

I believe the next major sale will be Black Friday/Cyber Monday for many of the companies in this list. There are generally year end sales although which is better depends as some years the year-end sale is better than the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

The major DNA Sales going on now: 1) 23andMe kits on sale through November 26, 2020 – see 23andMe below for the sale prices, 2) LivingDNA sale 40% off for Black Friday Sale with free shipping for 3+ kits in a single order – no word on when it ends. 3) MyHeritage if you order the MyHeritage Basic kit offer https://myheritage.com/kit/ sale $59.00 (still available as of November 25, 2020, regular price $199.00 for the package); 4) AncestryDNA sale – see below for prices or AncestryDNA Sale Update – November 1, 20205) MyHeritageDNA Black Friday sale ends Friday – sale price $39 for basic kit; $99 sale price for Health kit; free shipping for 2+ tests ordered in a single order. 6) FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) – see Black Friday Sale prices below under FamilyTree DNA; ends December 1, 2020; free shipping on orders of $99 or more, use code  FREESHIP.

TeloYears offers 2 COVID-19 tests for sale – they are only available for bulk orders right now. We currently offer COVID-19 rRT-PCR testing by shipping collection kits in bulk to qualifying organizations such as clinics/physician practices, city and state governments, hospitals, nursing homes, employers, and health plans.  A discount if you buy both together. Helix offers a COVID-19 test. Vitagene offers a COVID-19 test if you qualify. However, you will need to meet the requirements to qualify for the test which aren’t easy. Sequencing.com offers a free Coronavirus Health Assessment and a paid $34/use COVID-19 Severe Outcomes Genetic Analysis. FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) offers a CCR5 test for $39; if you have the mutations, you are a lot less likely to get COVID-19; it’s not a guarantee.

Over 1,800 words. If you are interested in a specific company, scroll down to it and see current price.

As always, check prices before you order! You can also check EBay and Amazon in case you find a lower price there, but make sure it’s for the same company and test. Some of the companies show an end date for their sale prices, but many don’t. Amazon loves to raise and lower prices on DNA tests on a somewhat regular basis, usually every few days for some of the major companies, bit less often for other companies. For EBay and Amazon purchases, always activate the test as soon as you get it to avoid problems.

Update to the last post: Current DNA Sales November 24, 2020. As of today, WeGene has not started selling $99.00 DNA kits. I check every few days since at some point I expect to see them offering this price.

Monthly DNA company list for November 2020 Current November 2020 DNA Companies November 1, 2020. That will cover many of the lesser known DNA companies or DNA companies that don’t offer sales too often.

23andMe: https://www.23andme.com/ sale price $79; regular price $99**; https://www.amazon.com/23andMe-Ancestry-Personal-Genetic-Service/dp/B01LZ5K87Z/ – sale price $88.95, regular price $99.00 currently available as of November 25, 2020; Ancestry+Health sale price $99.00, regular price $199.00 (use 23andMe website link above);  https://www.amazon.com/23andMe-DNA-Test-Ancestry-collection/dp/B01G7PYQTM/ Ancestry + Health sale price $99.00, regular price $199, but can vary every couple of days so check Amazon); VIP Health + Ancestry sale price $399, regular price $499 (2 kits included, a point missed by those not reading the fine print) – not seeing it on Amazon.

AncestryDNA: https://www.ancestry.com/dna/ –  sale price $59, regular price $99.00 for first kit, but sometimes additional kits in the same order are only $89 (basic AncestryDNA test – still valid as of November 25, 2020) – note this can vary as some days, the $89 offer isn’t available. On Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/AncestryDNA-Genetic-Ethnicity-Test/dp/B00TRLVKW0/ (Basic AncestryDNA test) – sale price $59, regular price $99.00 – currently available as of November 25, 2020; (Ancestry Health – (Not Available in NY, NJ, RI, or Guamhttps://www.ancestry.com/health sale price $119.00, regular price $179.00, depending on which kit you go with, appears to be slightly different from Ancestry+Traits as it’s a bit more expensive; Amazon AncestryDNA + Traits, https://www.amazon.com/AncestryDNA-Genetic-Testing-Ethnicity-Traits/dp/B07J1FZQBC (may be cheaper if you do an upgrade from a Basic AncestryDNA test) sale price $69, regular price $119.00 on Amazon. Ancestry Health Core: https://www.amazon.com/AncestryHealth-CoreTM-Genetic-Ethnicity-Available/dp/B07XGZ8ZYG/ (Not Available in NY, NJ, RI, or Guam), sale price $99, regular price $179.00 on Amazon. Check other vendors, but make sure you register the kit as soon as you get it if you go this route, on Amazon as sometimes they are cheaper than the listed Amazon price in the link. If you previously submitted a regular AncestryDNA kit, the upgrade to Health Core is only $79 sale price, regular price $99.00. The reason to activate immediately is in case someone used a stolen credit card to buy the kit before putting it on EBay or Amazon. Upgrade if you previously tested with the basic AncestryDNA test is $79, regular upgrade price $119.

Dante Labs Whole Genome Sequencing: https://us.dantelabs.com/products/whole-genome-sequencing $149.00 sale price (8 week processing);  regular price $899 (2 week processing) – choose between 2 week turnaround or 8 week turnaround (2 week turnaround is more expensive); sale price varies as they now put three tests in the link – regular price varies depending on which test you click.  Whole GenomeZ – Whole Genome Sequencing for Advanced Diagnostics (130X + 30X)) –  https://us.dantelabs.com/collections/our-tests/products/whole-genomez sale price $239.00, regular price $999.00 (8 week option), regular price $1,499.00 (2 week option).

DNAFit: https://www.dnafit.com/us//index.asp.  Sale prices up to 50% off, ends in 2 days.

FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) https://www.familytreedna.com/ – sale price $49.00 – ends December 1, 2020; free shipping on orders of $99+, use code  FREESHIP, regular price $79.00 Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Family-Tree-DNA-Genetic-Ancestry/dp/B01NAQ1UCWB01NAQ1UCW Amazon sale price $49.00, regular price $79.00. FTDNA offers mtDNA and Y-DNA testing. Prices as of November 25, 2020. CCR5 test available for $39 – may help determine if you are at a lower risk for getting COVID-19.

Upgrade prices, including sale prices for non-upgrades – https://learn.familytreedna.com/general/price-chart/

2020 Black Friday Sale

Standard Tests
Test Regular Price Sale Price
Family Finder $79 $49
mtFull Sequence $159 $139
Y-37 $119 $99
Y-111 $249 $199
Big Y-700* $449 $379
Upgrade Regular Price Sale Price
Y-12 to Y-37 $79 $59
Y-12 to Y-67 $149 $139
Y-12 to Y-111 $199 $149
Y-25 to Y-37 $49 $39
Y-25 to Y-67 $119 $109
Y-25 to Y-111 $189 $139
Y-37 to Y-67 $89 $69
Y-37 to Y-111 $139 $119
Y-67 to Y-111 $89 $79
Y-12 to Big Y-700* $399 $359
Y-25 to Big Y-700* $389 $349
Y-37 to Big Y-700* $339 $319
Y-67 to Big Y-700* $279 $259
Y-111 to Big Y-700* $239 $229
Big Y-500 to Big Y-700 $209 $189
mtDNA (HVR1) to mtFull Sequence $119 $79
mtDNA Plus to mtFull Sequence $119 $79

*Does not include the Big Y BAM file product.


Regular prices:

Y-DNA Prices starting at $119.00
mtDNA Price. regular price $159.00

FindMyPastDNA (they use LivingDNA kits):  https://www.findmypast.com/ancestry-dna-testing/sale price $89, although prices on LivingDNA vary, now showing Black Friday Sale prices up to 40% off as of November 25, 2020 (free shipping if you order 3+ kits in a single order, see chart below for prices) – https://livingdna.com/LivingDNA kits on Amazon – two kits may or may not be available: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Z6277D5/sale price $49.00 – currently unavailable as of November 25, 2020 – usually comes back in a reasonable time frame; https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07331MTY4/$79 sale price on Amazon – currently unavailable as of November 25, 2020 – usually comes back in a reasonable time frame. They accept free limited transfers from other DNA testing companies. The below prices are only available at LivingDNA.

DNA Starter Kit $49.00 + shipping – not on sale – not seeing it right now
DNA Ancestry Kit sale price $69 + shipping, regular price $99.00 + shipping
DNA Wellbeing Kit sale price $79 + shipping, regular price $129.00 + shipping
DNA Ancestry and Wellbeing Kit sale price $99 + shipping, regular price $179.00 + shipping

Regular prices:

DNA Starter Kit $49.00 + shipping
DNA Testing, Global Ancestry, DNA Matching, Nutrion Report, Fitness Insight
DNA Ancestry Kit $99.00 + shipping
Recent ancestry, Sub-regional ancestry, Your DNA today, Extended ancestry, DNA matching
DNA Wellbeing Kit $129.00 + shipping
Vitamin response, Food metabolism, Nutrition Ideas, Exercise, Recovery, Exercise Ideas
DNA Ancestry and Wellbeing Kit $179.00 + shipping
Combination of the Ancestry Kit and the Wellbeing Kit

Full Genomes Corporation: https://www.fullgenomes.com/ $15 Individual SNPs. Other options available.

Helix – https://www.helix.com/collections/all/ some tests maybe on sale, but many aren’t (direct link to Helix list of most DNA tests offered, but it’s not the complete list as some are only listed in other parts of the Helix site). However, Helix sometimes does limited sales so check any test you are considering to see if it’s on sale. They offer a COVID-19 test, but see requirements  https://www.helix.com/pages/covid19-efforts for receiving it; tends to be limited to large orders from medical providers or similar agencies.

MyHeritageDNA https://www.myheritage.com/dnaBlack Friday Sale price $39 ends Friday, free shipping if you order 2+ kits in a single order; regular price $79.00; https://myheritage.com/kit/ sale $59.00 (still available as of November 25, 2020, regular price for the package $199.00); https://www.amazon.com/MyHeritage-DNA-Test-Kit-Ethnicity/dp/B072SY5JHQ/ (still valid as of  November 25, 2020) sale price $39.00, regular price $79.00 with free shipping; Health https://www.myheritage.com/health sale price $99.00, regular price $199.00 – not showing on website unless you previously ordered a Health kit;  price on Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/GENI-MH-Dna-Test-Kit/dp/B074DWG7HF, (currently unavailable as of November 25, 2020; regular price $199.00 with free shipping). GroupOn (for MyHeritageDNA only, not the Health add-on): https://www.groupon.com/deals/myheritage-11-26 $38.00 sale price – available as of November 25, 2020. MyHeritageDNA accepts free limited transfers from FTDNA as well as from AncestryDNA, LivingDNA, and 23andMe (including v5 chip now). Free limited transfer of raw data from many other DNA companies although if you have a paid MyHeritage subscription, the full upgrade is free.

Sequencing: https://sequencing.com/apps/app-market; https://sequencing.com/membership/get-genome-sequenced-offer price varies (same as the LivingDNA starter kit for some tests). You need to sign up for 3 months of Silver, Gold, or Platinum membership (annual membership is cheaper, but if you are not sure you want to go that route, monthly membership is available. If you cancel before the third month, you will be charged a penalty). Better off ordering the kit on Amazon from the LivingDNA link above as you don’t need a 3-month subscription and get free shipping unless you want the extra reports provided by Sequencing.com.

You can take a free Coronavirus Health Assessment and a paid $34/use COVID-19 Severe Outcomes Genetic Analysis.

TeloYears https://www.teloyears.com/home/ regular prices for some things, but a limited time sale price for other things https://www.teloyears.com/home/products.html?uid=09290167Ecrf491i9 (price still valid as of November 25, 2020 although sale items vary from time to time). TeloYears Health regular price $99; TeloYears Health + Ancestry $169 (regular price $199, but seems to be a standard discount as opposed to a sale price). They also do the TribeCode tests. Not available on Amazon. Also offer 2 COVID-19 related tests. They are only available for bulk orders right now.

Vitagene: https://vitagene.com $89 sale price, regular price $99  (sale up to 30% off on some tests still going November 25, 2020). Also, check GroupOn – https://www.groupon.com/browse/wichita?lat=37.692&lng=-97.338&query=vitagene+dna&address=Wichita&division=wichita&locale=en_US (switch from Wichita to your location). If you qualify, you can order a COVID-19 test from Vitagene.

Current sales: https://vitagene.com/shop/products-include-dna-test-kits/

Health Reports for diet, fitness, supplementation + Ancestry + free 15 minute nutritional phone consultation. Regular price $99; on sale for $89. Believe this is the same report available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Vitagene-DNA-Test-Kit-Ancestry/dp/B01NCISWQT sale price $69.24 (price can vary from day to day) – coupon may be available, regular price $99.00 (available as of November 25, 2020, but usually shows back up on Amazon at some point)- price may or may not be cheaper on Amazon as they love to raise and lower the prices on a regular basis. 

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F-0030 Early Aviation-Airplane Video: Aeronautical Oddities – San Diego Air and Space Museum Archives YouTube

I saw this on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wwovm1FJ_Bo

Direct link: F-0030 Early Aviation-Airplane Video: Aeronautical Oddities: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wwovm1FJ_Bo (about 13:22 minutes long)

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