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MyHeritage DNA Opens European Distribution Center

As announced on MyHeritage Blog (also MyHeritage kits are on sale for $59 through July 4, 2018). We are happy to announce that, in order to keep up with the high demand for MyHeritage DNA kits in Europe, we have … Continue reading

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How to Use Real People in Your Writing Link

A common question that crops up in the various Facebook writing groups I belong to tends to center on using real people, companies, quotes, or products in a book. The following link addresses using real people in your writing: … Continue reading

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Dedication to A Grandfather Link – SuperMommy411

via Dedication to my Grandfather (this is a friend’s grandfather, not mine).

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MyHeritage DNA Fourth of July Sale $59 and New DNA Filtering System

Sale ends July 4, 2018. MyHeritage DNA is currently on sale for $59 (was on sale for $69 when I originally added it to the June 2018 DNA Sale post).  I updated it to the Current DNA June 2018 Sales … Continue reading

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A Growing DNA Field

I have not tested with this company (I don’t have any deceased relatives’ DNA I can access – maybe one day I will find something Mom or Dad touched with enough DNA to go this route). I expect this field … Continue reading

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Insitome Offering Free Helix Kits Through June 30, 2018 When You Purchase A $29.99 DNA Test

Note: The kit is free, but each of the DNA tests run $29.99. The Helix kit generally runs $80 by itself + whatever test you want. The good news is once you order a Helix DNA kit for an individual … Continue reading

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HumanCode Acquired by Helix

Going to be several DNA related blog posts today. I received an e-mail today from HumanCode. The CEO announced HumanCode had been acquired by Helix. HumanCode is becoming part of Helix And we’re thrilled! Today we are thrilled to announce … Continue reading

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Encouraging Illegal Activity on Social Media Is Never a Good Idea

If you are going to go urban exploring, always get permission from the property owner or their legal representative before exploring. Something I routinely see on Facebook and other social media sites (I include Quora as its users are probably … Continue reading

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Current DNA Sales June 2018

Updated June 28, 2018 – MyHeritage DNA (sale price dropped from $69 to $59 through July 4, 2018) and Insitome ($29.99 for several tests and no extra charge if you need a Helix DNA kit) added to the list. As … Continue reading

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Another DNA company, yourDNAportal has joined the parade. This one allows you to upload your raw data from another company (MyHeritage, FamilyTree DNA aka FTDNA, AncestryDNA, Geno 2.0, 23andMe, LivingDNA, possibly others as you can e-mail them and they will … Continue reading

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