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Twelve Years of Blogging – Accidental Genealogist

Congratulations to the Accidental Genealogist on celebrating twelve years of blogging. http://www.theaccidentalgenealogist.com/2018/06/a-dozen-lessons-ive-learned-from-12.html

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DNA Passport On Sale If You Don’t Have Helix Kit for Individual

I saw on Facebook where DNA Passport is on sale. This only applies if you need a Helix DNA kit since the sale price is $29.99 for the DNA Passport test (regular price) + $20.00 if you need Helix DNA … Continue reading

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Ancestry DNA 4th of July Sale $69 and Buy 3+ Kits In 1 Order, Get 1 Kit Free

I received an e-mail from another blogger announcing Ancestry is having a two-day 4th of July Sale. When I checked my Ancestry account, it looks to be a dual sale with $69/kit and if you buy 3 or more in … Continue reading

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HomeDNA GPS Origins Ancestry Test On Sale for $79

I received an e-mail from HomeDNA today announcing their GPS Origins Ancestry Test is on sale for $79 (regular price $199). I added the information to the ongoing Current July 2018 DNA Sales post. This is the latest DNA company … Continue reading

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