Amazon Prime Day: 23andMe is Half Price! — The DNA Geek

23andMe’s Health + Ancestry test is half price for Amazon Prime Day ($99 + free shipping, compared to the normal price of $199). You must have Amazon Prime (their free-shipping membership). Sale ends Tuesday night or when supplies run out. Don’t wait!

via Amazon Prime Day: 23andMe is Half Price! — The DNA Geek

Important note: this is only the Health and Ancestry test on 23andMe (sale price $99.99, regular price $199.00), not the Ancestry only kit.

Thank you to The DNA Geek for letting us know 23andMe’s Amazon Prime Day Sale is now live.  I mentioned the 23andMe sale would happen in an earlier blog post. but I didn’t know when it would go live. The problem I see with Prime Day and many other Amazon sales is they don’t always start when the main sale starts. For example, it appears the AncestryDNA Prime Day Sale won’t start until tomorrow based on what Ancestry posted on Facebook. Amazon didn’t anticipate how well 23andMe kits would sell on Black Friday 2017 and I am not sure that 23andMe anticipates how well the Prime Day Sale may do. A smart move would be to offer the deal to those who miss out with a note that they wouldn’t be charged until 23andMe has enough kits on hand to ship out. Kind of like a voucher or credit set-up where the buyer gets the sale price.

From the DNA Geek’s post, it also looks like when 23andMe runs out of however many kits that were designated for the Prime Day Sale or if they had it to whatever stock is on hand runs out, the sale ends. No telling on how many kits 23andMe had in either case, but I expect they may run out although by limiting the sale to the more expensive Health and Ancestry kits, it will be a deal breaker for those who wanted Ancestry only kits. Although since you are only paying $0.99 more for a Health and Ancestry kit, it would make more sense for a person who wanted a kit from 23andMe to go with the one on sale.

I hope companies like 23andMe, HomeDNA, etc. would come up with something other than Ancestry or Health and Ancestry,  as a way to describe their kits. How about Ethnicity  or something similar. Too often I hear people mention AncestryDNA kits on sale when it’s not AncestryDNA, but one of the companies that uses Ancestry in large letters on the box.



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