Ancestry Confirms Amazon Prime Day Sale – $54.99 for Sale Price; 23andMe Health & Ancestry 50% Off; Reminder MyHeritage DNA Flash Sale $59

Update afternoon of July 16, 2018:  Note: Amazon may schedule the pricing at different parts of the day so check back if you aren’t seeing the Amazon Prime Day price listed for AncestryDNA kits as it looks like it may only be a tomorrow price. Also, MyHeritage on Amazon is temporarily down to $67 with free shipping which makes it a better deal than ordering directly from MyHeritage.

Scheduled this to be posted at 2 PM U.S. Central Time which is when the Amazon Prime Day Sale starts.

As reported (first saw it on Ancestry’s Facebook page, but no mention of price by Ancestry, Ancestry and Amazon confirm AncestryDNA Amazon Prime Day Sale Prime Day Sale ends Midnight (U.S. Pacific Time) tomorrow, July 17, 2018. You will need to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of the sale price! You can join with a free trial membership if you haven’t been a Prime user or haven’t been a recent Prime member. You can also do the monthly option which is a bit more expensive overall, but doesn’t commit you to an annual contract.

  • Save 50% on 23andMe Health + Ancestry Personal Genetic Service Kit
  • Save on the AncestryDNA Genetic Testing Kit, only $54.99

For 23andMe, that’s the Health and Ancestry test which normally costs $199; it’s not the Ancestry only test which runs $99 and isn’t on sale. Sale should go live in about an hour (2 P.M. U.S. Central Time; 12 Noon U. S. Pacific Time).

A reminder that MyHeritage is running a $59 4 Day Flash Sale that ends July 18, 2018. Updating the Current July 2018 DNA Sales with the new sale prices for AncestryDNA and 23andMe as I previously updated it for the MyHeritageDNA Flash Sale. Addit: Amazon has temporarily lowered their MyHeritage DNA kits to $67 with free shipping.



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