Link Removed from my Earlier Post – April 26, 2020

Updated April 27, 2020 It appears the charge was not for the free app. It was for logging into my account. I missed the e-mail last month where they notified me logging in would result in a charge. Since they never added the results from the DNA kit I ordered, that is silly to charge me. 

What was supposed to be a free Coronavirus survey on I originally mentioned on Reminder DNA Sales Ending Today or Tomorrow – April 26, 2020 turned out to cost $47.96. I removed the link and reference after seeing the charge on my account at where I get my financial services. From the link, it sounded free and they gave no indication I was being charged. However, when I checked my financial institution shortly afterwards, I noticed a charge from for $47.96. I contacted their Facebook page and did a ticket request on their website requesting a refund as I don’t have results yet and don’t want results. Considering it was only three questions, it shouldn’t cost $47.96 to answer three questions. I am sure they run an analysis based on the raw data they have, but even that seems seriously overpriced as it’s computer generated.

If they don’t refund my money, I will be challenging the charge with my financial institution through a chargeback and filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commision (FTC). This isn’t my first problem with the company, but it will be my last problem as I am no longer recommending it. Once it get resolved, either by them doing the right thing and refunding my money or by me doing a chargeback with my financial institution, I will be deleting my account there. I paid for several apps a while back and to me losing the cost of the apps is worth it. I thought the earlier problem was unintentional, but this issue of not warning me I would be charged is bad or poor programming. With other companies, I order something online that requires a charge, I get one, and frequently multiple notices before being charged.

I am hoping they will do the right thing so I don’t have to do a chargeback with my financial institution or go through the onerous task of filling out tons of paperwork on the  FTC website. As they haven’t gave me the information yet on, I am hopefully they will do what they should do. Just glad there was an error message as they probably wouldn’t have refunded my money if I had seen the results. As of a few minutes ago, other than a semi-robo-response on Facebook, nothing else. And nothing on their website. I realize it’s Sunday so not expecting much today.

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