DNA Update April 29, 2020

I mentioned indirectly yesterday Working on Post Update April 28, 2020 and directly a few days ago Link Removed from my Earlier Post – April 26, 2020. indicated they were refunding me two $47.96 charges – one for April and one for March. I didn’t realize they had charged me $47.96 in March. Why they charged me almost $48 each month is beyond me as I signed up for $11.99/month subscription. It’s also strange they honored my request not to add the apps I had paid for, but they ignored my request to not be charged for the monthly fee. Not only that, but they charged me 4x what they should have charged me based on my original subscription rate.

They said it could take 5 – 10 business days for my account to receive the credits. When I checked this morning, both credits were in my account. I still don’t know why they charged me so much each month, but I am glad they were quick to refund the money to me. Since they didn’t add the apps to my account, why they decided it was okay to charge me in the first place raises some questions in my mind.

If they decided to ignore my request, I would raise the stakes by filing a charge-back with my financial institution. Something I hate doing because of the paperwork involved and the amount of time it takes to get my money back. I also would have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Unlike others who claim they would do so but don’t, I have done it before. It’s a pain in the neck because when I do this route, I have to spend hours responding to the FTC. Not a fun prospect, but I don’t appreciate it when a company does something that gets me to the point of filing with the FTC.

I believe the issue was unintentional as evidenced by how fast they responded. I would consider using the company again, but with the understanding of how things work with the company. I wish they read what I said last month which would have alleviated the issue.

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Originally from Gulfport, Mississippi. Live in Wichita, Kansas now. I suffer Bipolar I, ultra-ultra rapid cycling, mixed episodes. Blog on a variety of topics - genealogy, DNA, mental health, among others. Let's
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