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Genealogical DNA Testing Companies and Current DNA Sales April 17, 2020

Current January 2019 DNA sales, updated daily or every other day. Continue reading

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Remembrance NI – Featured Blogger of the Week April 17, 2020

I chose Remembrance NI – https://remembranceni.org/ as this week’s Featured Blogger of the Week. I re-blogged several posts April 15 – Roll of Honour and liberation of Bergen-Belsen — Remembrance NI Original post: https://remembranceni.org/2020/04/15/april-15-roll-of-honour-and-liberation-of-bergen-belsen/ January 13 – HMS Viknor captured major … Continue reading

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Doing This Only Takes Five Minutes, But it Will Make Your Blog Posts Look Twice as Good — The Art of Blogging

In eight years of blogging I wrote over 2,500 blog posts and articles. I also worked one-on-one with over a hundred different bloggers, reading their content, giving them advice on how to turn mediocre content into phenomenal pieces that get … Continue reading

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What Tools Are in Your Toolboxes? April 17, 2020

In case you are wondering, I am talking about figurative toolboxes for the most part, not literal toolboxes. Everybody should have multiple toolboxes for different reasons. In my case, I have numerous toolboxes. I suffer Bipolar Depression I, mixed states, … Continue reading

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Thank You — Fractured Faith Blog

Really pleased to announce the blog has passed 12,500 followers. If you add up the Twitter and Facebook accounts that means over 25,000 people now follow us online. Mind blown. Fionnuala, the kids and myself are forever grateful for your … Continue reading

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WordPress Discover Prompts April 2020 Day #17 Distance Part II

Continuing from Part I WordPress Discover Prompts April 2020 Day #17 Distance Part I. Finland is not big on tipping at least in 2005. Something to consider if you are a tipper. The trip to Estonia was a three hour ferry … Continue reading

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Gerbil! |Family Feud – YouTube Video

The response was gerbil, but anyone want to guess the question before watching the YouTube video? Gerbil! Needed a little humor this morning.

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Thoughts on pandemics & kiddos — bella’s babbles

Behind the green curtain is a Bella that spends much of the time focusing on what needs to be managed in order to make it through each day. It takes a lot of energy to manage bipolar, general anxiety disorder … Continue reading

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WordPress Discover Prompts April 2020 Day #17 Distance Part I

Today’s discover prompt is Distance. From my earlier post – Join Our Discover Daily Prompts in April! — The Daily Post  which has more details on the discover prompts. A search showed today’s prompt is Distance. Here’s the direct link: https://discover.wordpress.com/2020/04/17/discover-prompts-day-17-distance. The most … Continue reading

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FindMyPast Fridays April 17, 2020

This is going to be shorter than normal as I am doing it on my phone. I didn’t see it last night. It usually shows up Thursday or Friday at  https://www.findmypast.com/blog/new.  My goal is to edit with more information later … Continue reading

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