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Family Feud – Featured Vlogger of the Week – April 22, 2020

I chose Family Feud – https://www.youtube.com/user/FamilyFeud/ as this week’s Featured Vlogger of the Week. has 1.4 million subscribers, 3,833 videos, Joined Aug 22, 2006 1,086,964,396 views. About page: https://www.youtube.com/user/FamilyFeud/about Description Welcome to The Official FAMILY FEUD YouTube Channel! Subscribe to our … Continue reading

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Using Lockdown To Boost Your Career — simple Ula

While lockdown is preventing you from doing many of your usual activities, there’s no denying that it’s opening up some possibilities as well. From being able to tackle your ongoing to-do list around the house to practicing your baking skills, … Continue reading

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Update On My Niece April 22, 2020

Update to my earlier post Update on Please Keep My Niece in Your Prayers – February 20, 2020. I saw on Facebook today where my niece will undergo surgery tomorrow morning. The medicine helped some, but not enough so the decision … Continue reading

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One Way I Stand Out from Other Genealogical DNA Bloggers April 22, 2020

As I re-blogged this post – The Lavish Dwarf Entertainment Rule of Blogging — The Art of Blogging, I didn’t want to muddy it with my thoughts. The below is one way I choose to stand out. There are numerous ways you … Continue reading

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13 Assistive Tools For Writers With Disabilities — Love, Geeky Girl

By: Dani Kessel I believe everybody has a story worth telling. This is a fundamental belief I’ve held my whole life. Whether it’s telling our memoir, sharing perspectives, or letting imagination lead the way, storytelling is ingrained in us. Before … Continue reading

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Newest Bundle of Holding – Star Trek Adventures – April 22, 2020

I received the email from Bundle of Holding 2 days ago  https://www.bundleofholding.com/presents/StarTrek. More information on the system can be found at Star Trek Adventures on Modiphius. From the company’s website, it’s based in London, United Kingdom. These are e-books/PDFs and not … Continue reading

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Quarantine Self-care checklist — Self-Care Overload

Quarantine Self-care checklist A self-care checklist is a great method to making sure you stay on top of your daily self-care needs. It’s even better to have a self-care checklist that fits our current situation as we are all in … Continue reading

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Eight Years of Blogging, Forty Thousand on The Art of Blogging — The Art of Blogging

Eight years ago I wrote my first blog post. I didn’t know what I was doing. I was a poor, depressed kid from Romania, trying to find an audience for my books. So much has changed. I have changed. The … Continue reading

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WordPress Discover Prompts April 2020 Day #22 Tempo

Today’s discover prompt is Tempo. From my earlier post – Join Our Discover Daily Prompts in April! — The Daily Post  which has more details on the discover prompts. A search showed today’s prompt is Tempo. Here’s the direct link:  https://wordpress.com/discover-wordpress/2020/04/22/discover-prompts-day-22-tempo/. … Continue reading

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How to (and not to) Write Foreshadowing — Julia’s Creative Corner – Weirdness Wednesdays April 22, 2020

Foreshadowing. It’s something we’ve all wondered how to pull off at some point. It also is something that doesn’t seem to be written about very much. So, I decided to write up a post on it. (the obvious choice) via How … Continue reading

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