Another Viewpoint on the Changes to Find-A-Grave

From an article posted in mid-January 2018. This particular article makes a point I hadn’t considered, It compares the new Find-A-Grave to MySpace of the 1990’s. I still have and occasionally use my old MySpace. I was on MySpace yesterday as I hadn’t been on it in a while.

But why does each FindAGrave page feel like a very old MySpace page? Couldn’t they have modernized the display, updated the code, and kept the ads without using the layout format they chose?

I belong to several Find-A-Grave Facebook groups and they run the gamut from very pro-Find-A-Grave to very anti-Find-A-Grave with most falling somewhere in the middle. One group allows pretty much anything posted about Find-A-Grave, be it very negative or very positive. Most of the groups tend to limit what you can post with the pro-Find-A-Grave groups tending to delete anything remotely negative about the site no matter how valid the point(s) raised. If you join any of the Facebook groups, read through any of the group’s rules and sample a fair number of posts and replies before you post or reply.

Be careful on some of the Find-A-Grave groups on Facebook as there are some pro-Find-A-Grave members who will allegedly stalk you should you say anything remotely negative about the site. This group is a good way to figure out who the stalkers are: – it’s a good mix of pro, anti, and moderate viewpoints, and some of the alleged stalkers are in the group. I am basing the alleged stalking comment on what numerous people in different groups have stated about how far some of the pro-Find-A-Grave crowd is willing to go. I haven’t experienced it personally, but know a few people who have been on the receiving end. The only limit to the group I posted is no threatening other members of the group.

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