Toolbox Genomics Privacy Update January 2018

I originally saved this blog post back in mid-January 2018 from an e-mail sent by Toolbox Genomics. I put it aside posting it after looking at tweets on their Twitter account for a week (ending January 16, 2018): with no update as to the big news. I decided to check again today on the off-chance there was an update. Turns out I stopped looking a few days early as they tweeted on January 19th with the big news. The big news was crowdfunding (see which is listed near the bottom of this post).

As received in an e-mail from Toolbox Genomics back in January 2018,

Thanks for supporting Toolbox Genomics!

Toolbox Genomics is growing! We’re ramping up to offer new products and services to our current and new customers. We’ve recently taken the opportunity to update our Privacy Policy.  The majority of the changes are designed to make our existing policies and terms more clear.  Key changes include:

  • Preference Information We define preference information as all information correlating Registration Information, Genetic Information, Self-Reported Information and/or other information with a preference for one or more products or category of products. Preference Information is exclusively owned by Toolbox, and may be used as Toolbox sees fit in accordance with applicable law.
  • Disclosure Information.  Registration Information, Self-Reported Information, and Preference Information (but NOT Genetic Information) may be shared with strategic partners.
  • Security of Information.  Toolbox’s systems and servers is protected using industry standard security measures and now meets HIPAA compliance standards. Just a friendly reminder, no security measures are perfect or impenetrable, and Toolbox cannot guarantee that the information submitted to, maintained on, or transmitted from its systems will be completely secure.

You can read the full Privacy Policy, which was updated on Jan 12, 2017. If you have any questions, please feel free to send a message to The updated terms will go into effect immediately, at which point your continued use of the service will be considered acceptance of our updated terms.

The below is what you have to accept if you plan on using Toolbox Genomics.

You must review, accept, and opt in to each of the following terms and conditions before you proceed to register an account with Toolbox and use Toolbox’s Services.

Toolbox Genomics will analyze your 23andMe, Ancestry DNA, FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA), or whole genome results, starting at $59 (see below for list). I haven’t ordered anything from them and so far I haven’t seen anything that gives a strong encouragement or discouragement from the various reviews I have found. Updated August 27, 2018: Here’s a link to 46 reviews on DNA Testing Choice: – of the 46 reviews, all were 4 or 5 star reviews which tends to leave me skeptical of such reviews. With other DNA companies on DNA Testing Choice, the reviews range from 1 to 5 stars so I don’t think it’s an issue with DNA Testing Choice.

On Twitter January 10, 2018, where they tweeted a big announcement was coming at the end of the week.  As of late January 16, 2018, nothing has been tweeted or posted on their website or Facebook page. It looks like the big announcement was tweeted January 19, 2018 and something I missed as I had put this on the back burner after it looked like there wasn’t going to be a major announcement.

So proud to announce our crowdfunding campaign with ! Learn more about Toolbox Genomics here:

I didn’t include the link in the quote above as the link on Toolbox Genomics website was broken, but did find this link elsewhere:

Four apps available on Sequencing:

Health Enrichment $59

Weight Management $59

Nutrition Optimization $59

Endurance Performance $59

You can get the last three above (Nourish, Thrive, and RunDNA) in one report on for $119 –

Empower is $59 and doesn’t appear to be included in the $119 link above:

Found this as I explored Toolbox Genomics website:


1st Health Action Plan
(Toolbox Genomics Testing Kit + 1 Health Action Plan)
Add on a 2nd Health Action Plan $57
Add on a 3rd Health Action Plan $57 $47
Add on a 4th Health Action Plan $57 $37
Want to learn more down the road? Once you’ve been genotyped, each additional product will be only $57 (with additional savings when you buy more than one).
No need for another DNA test kit!


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