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Eligibility for Military Headstone

Not all veterans qualify for a military headstone. In addition, the V.A. doesn’t pay the setting fee for a headstone placed in a private cemetery. (some things aren’t covered on this link, but I included the relevant link when … Continue reading

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Two Older Changes to the Social Security Death Index You May Not Be Aware of

There are two changes to the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) that happened several years ago and yet many people are not aware of one or both of the changes. The two changes are: 1) Social Security Administration (SSA) no … Continue reading

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Last Day (July 31, 2018) for Some of the DNA Sales

I made the Current July 2018 DNA Sales post a sticky post, but you can view the various sales at Current July 2018 DNA Sales. I will be removing the sticky later today or sometime tomorrow and adding Current August … Continue reading

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Facebook Changing How WordPress and Some Other Websites Post

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from WordPress about a major change that Facebook was implementing on August 1, 2018. Basically, if you currently have your WordPress blog set to automatically post to your personal Facebook wall, it will stop posting … Continue reading

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NARA Remembers 1973 Fire That Destroyed Many Military Records

I don’t know if my Dad’s records were lost in the big 1973 fire that destroyed many military records, and one day I will probably find out if they were or weren’t destroyed when I go to order copies from … Continue reading

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World War II Submarine Memorials by State July 30, 2018

Here is a list of  World War II submarine war memorials by state (in some states, it covers non-World War II submarine memorials and in other states, no submarine memorials have been established even though the goal is to establish … Continue reading

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Helix Tour de France Contest Ends; Grand Prize Winner to Be Drawn Around August 9, 2018

Per the Helix rules about the Grand Prize winner, the winner will be drawn on or about August 9, 2018: 5) RANDOM DRAWING(S):  One (1) Pop Quiz Daily Drawing winner will be selected in a random drawing from among all … Continue reading

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Why Acronyms Should Be Avoided Unless You Define Them First

I am not a fan of acronyms and I am including the widest definition of acronym (acronym, initialism, pseudo-blend, symbol – see the description in the link for examples of each; note the link has a fair number of examples, … Continue reading

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What Railway Surgeons Did

I get all sorts of e-mail from different places. This little tidbit was in an e-mail from Atlas Obsucra: My maternal grandfather was listed as a railroad carman in some records. I never figured out which railroad(s) he worked. … Continue reading

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