Reading and Hearing Comprehension Issues Part II – YouTubers September 16, 2020

I mentioned issues with stimulus update YouTubers last month – Reading and Hearing Comprehension Issues – YouTubers August 17, 2020.

I no longer listen to most of them as it’s only gotten worse. I do a daily YouTube search for stimulus package updates. Only one of them do I watch semi-regularly. He at least doesn’t have reading or comprehension issues. Most of the rest do. Yesterday, I did the YouTube search and saw YouTube titles posted by many of these YouTubers that were clearly having reading and hearing comprehension issues. For example, the titles indicated a new stimulus package had been passed or was about to be passed. Others were mentioning stimulus checks that were far in excess of what both Houses have suggested. This is about passing a reasonable fiscal act that helps Americans without helping lobbyists of either party.

On the one I watch occasionally, he has made some good points. For example, he made the point the best chance for the Democrats to have gotten a bill passed was back in July when COVID-19 was out of control. He appears to be a Democrat from some things he has said on his channel although he is careful to avoid declaring his party affiliation. He does have some issues based on what some YouTubers say about him. Those issues are more about his non-stimulus update videos. I think Democrats saying Congress needs to help Americans while taking a hard-line stance saying it’s their way or not at all is not the way to go. That’s counterproductive at best. They are hoping to pressure the Republicans into giving in, but as I noted in this paragraph that chance ended in July.

There is a House bipartisan caucus that has suggested an in-between solution between what Democrats and Republicans want. I think it has one of the best chances at passing. The problem is the lobbyists pushing for the Democrat version of the HEROES Bill may fight it. I think that’s an unwise move on their part and could backfire. The Problem Solvers Caucus is composed of 25 Democrats and 25 Republicans. I think Democrats need to realize that another stimulus package may be needed if COVID-19 doesn’t improve enough in the coming months and spending a ton of money now is not the best solution. The proposal can be read at It lacks some specifics, but according to some people, more information is available.

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