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Been an Interesting Day – September 18, 2020

I was able to work around the issues of Internet access for the most part. I scheduled the rest of the posts for tonight and the first four posts for tomorrow. I also scheduled YouTube videos through Monday. I figured … Continue reading

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Wordsearch moves to LOGOS — Guam Christian Blog

I’m thrilled to welcome Wordsearch users into the Faithlife family!   We’re partnering with LifeWay to transition Wordsearch to Logos Bible Software, to protect your investment and to expand access to Wordsearch, LifeWay, and B&H content.   We’ve been building … Continue reading

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Commonplace Fun Facts – Featured Blogger of the Week September 18, 2020

For this week’s Featured Blogger of the Week, I chose Commonplace Fun Facts:  https://commonplacefacts.wordpress.com/ as the Featured Blogger of the Week. I have been reading the blog since March 2020. About post  – https://commonplacefacts.wordpress.com/about/  Social Media Links: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/commonplacefacts/ Twitter: … Continue reading

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Let’s Support Small and/or Sustainable Businesses When Possible — Retrospective Lily

When we need to buy our friend a birthday present, it’s easy to pop in Walmart and grab a candle, a knick-knack, a planter, etc. But items that are handmade or made responsibly are way cooler! Let’s discuss why we … Continue reading

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Having Some Issues Accessing the Internet and Posting – September 18, 2020

I also had to install the latest Windows update which helped some, but something else is going on. I removed a program that was a heavy drain on connecting to the Internet. This helped a bit, but not much. I … Continue reading

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Bedrock City and Raptor Ranch, Williams, Arizona – September 18, 2020

I talked about Flintstone Village in several posts – Bedrock City, Arizona to Become Raptor Ranch Soon – September 12, 2019, Putz-n-Glo Indoor Black Light Miniature Golf, Rapid City, South Dakota – Weirdness Wednesdays April 10, 2019, and Dinosaur Park, … Continue reading

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The Many Theories and Conspiracies Related to Jack the Ripper – Released today. — Writer & Writing Coach

FREE BOOK FOR THE WEEKEND Much has been studied on the most popular cold case ever, Jack the Ripper. There are limited facts on the case and many of the original documents are missing. They have mysteriously been lost, stolen … Continue reading

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Brand new travel records and feature enhancements – FindMyPast Fridays September 18, 2020

I checked last night and saw it posted. It usually shows up Thursday or Friday at  https://www.findmypast.com/blog/new.  I shortened it a bit as the new editor is being more a pain than the old editor. Here’s the direct link – … Continue reading

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The Quote Editor Requirement – September 18, 2020

The Quote Editor has one requirement to work. You have to add the citation link before moving on. I usually add it first before adding the quote. It doesn’t have this requirement if you copy a post that has a … Continue reading

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‘Sigh of relief’: Sally spares a Mississippi gator ranch — Mississippi Business Journal September 17, 2020

As rain and wind from Sally started reaching the Gulf Coast, the manager of a Mississippi alligator ranch was just hoping he wouldn’t have to deal with a repeat of what happened during Hurricane Katrina. That’s when about 250 alligators … Continue reading

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