How to name your spiders, and other ways to procrastinate — craftandothercrazyplans – Weirdness Wednesdays September 16, 2020

Home schooling has proved challenging in many ways, mostly due to my 8 year old’s expert procrastination strategies. He really does go above and beyond in his efforts to avoid doing his school work (and we are only doing the minimum amount set, as with the many and varied work avoidance strategies, it takes us […]

How to name your spiders, and other ways to procrastinate — craftandothercrazyplans

This is a first for me and thought it was a good choice for this week’s Weirdness Wednesdays post.

I need a spider whisperer as my attempts at communicating with the handful of brown recluse spiders in my place hasn’t worked. Basically, I told them stay in the basement and I will leave you alone. Come upstairs and you die. For the other spiders, I try to take them outside if I can identify they are not a brown recluse. I don’t have any black widow spiders as they appear to have a truce with the brown recluses at my place.

For those who don’t know, Dad was bitten by a brown recluse many decades ago. That’s why I am not a fan of brown recluses. Mom’s uncle was bitten by a black widow a long time ago. Again, not a fan although I don’t see any of them in my place.

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