Learning not to hate each other in lockdown — One Chance to See the World

It seems we are all struggling to stay sane right now, who knew staying indoors would be so difficult. It is certainly more difficult when told to do something compared to when we have the choice. I for one certainly took my walks for granted. I have always loved walking, and always dreamed of walking […]

via Learning not to hate each other in lockdown — One Chance to See the World.

Something to think about if you are in a similar situation. I have a friend who is in this situation, and he handles it by being a first shift personality and his wife is a second shift personality. Also, his wife has the ground floor domain and my friend has the basement domain. This has served them well for over 35 years. They are both retired and have been for several years. It’s worked great during retirement and expect it to work great during shelter in place.

On the other hand, I know couples who struggle normally when they can get away. I believe they will struggle worse at this time. I hope not, but I am a realist and have seen a lot less tear apart couples. I understand if you have young children, it can be worse. 


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5 Responses to Learning not to hate each other in lockdown — One Chance to See the World

  1. Sam says:

    Thank you for reblogging my post Paul, much appreciated. Some couples/families have got it figured out, learning how to get by everyday without issues. Sadly however that isn’t the case for all and I can imagine that this could be a very bad time for certain people. I hope these people get through it.

    I hope you are getting through it okay too!

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    • You are welcome. Thought it was relevant as some couples do great, but others do much worse. In cases like this, a strong marriage can break if both parties don’t work together as a team.

      I already see some couples struggling with it. I would offer my advice, but those couples aren’t willing to see where it is headed. Been there, done that with a different situation that destroyed a marriage that could have been saved.

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      • Sam says:

        We can only learn as we go, and hope that others learn from similar experiences. It is much better to try and prevent but not everyone can be helped sadly. But all the best to those going through some struggles right now.

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  3. SLIMJIM says:

    Lesson so relevant for this month

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