Why Coronavirus Is Dangerous For Diabetics – YouTube Video CNBC

As someone with family members and friends who are diabetic, this is a topic close to my mind. I noticed this video on YouTube today – Why Coronavirus Is Dangerous For Diabetics – YouTube Video CNBC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3BXqYzTTSQ (about 10:11 minutes long).


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8 Responses to Why Coronavirus Is Dangerous For Diabetics – YouTube Video CNBC

  1. Worried for my husband.

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    • Hopefully he will be fine. So far none of my family or friends who are diabetic have come down with it. That’s not to say they won’t, but I think as long as they take precautions, diabetics can reduce the risk of getting exposed.

      I noticed you should be on shelter in place if I read the reports correctly. It sounds like you were doing shelter in place personally for a while.


  2. Mine is a budget issue. Plus, I am in Tornado Alley. I have a basement ruled by brown recluse spiders so I don’t store stuff down there. In a worst case scenario, I am not risking my basement for protection from a tornado. I have an internal closet as my first choice.


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