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Record Hints: A Quick Way to Add to Your Family History – FamilySearch June 14, 2019

I am going to start this post with a huge DISCLAIMER – you can’t trust any website or personal research you do to 100% accurate. In fact, the more generations you go back, the more likely you will have errors. … Continue reading

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What’s the Oddest Cemetery You Ever Seen (In Person Or Online)?

NOTE: I am not putting down this cemetery or any cemetery for being a little or a lot different. My paternal grandmother’s family runs funeral homes and cemeteries although I did not know this for a long time. I have … Continue reading

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Forgotten National Monuments — From The Darkness Into The Light

U.S. National Monuments are natural and man-made sights that have been preserved and protected for their cultural, historical and scientific relevance. The title can be granted to anything from a coral reef to a civil war fortress and prehistoric pueblo. … Continue reading

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How We Build Dinosaurs at Backyard Terrors Dinosaur Park – YouTube Video

I will be highlighting Backyard Terrors Dinosaur Park for next week’s Weirdness Wednesdays, but thought you might enjoy a bit of an early preview – How We Build Dinosaurs at Backyard Terrors Dinosaur Park: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obDQkACloq4 (about 5:30 minutes long). I … Continue reading

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If You Are Going to Use Patreon As a Creator, Consider $1 and $2 Pledge Levels

I noticed a blogger who is using Patreon (What is Patreon?). The blogger decided to go with $5 as their minimum pledge level and limit the various pledge levels to so many Patrons. At the higher levels, that makes sense. … Continue reading

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Meet 23andMe’s Head of Therapeutics Kenneth Hillan

I saw this yesterday on 23andMe’s blog – Meet 23andMe’s Head of Therapeutics Kenneth Hillan: https://blog.23andme.com/research-communities/meet-23andmes-head-of-therapeutics-kenneth-hillan/. We recently sat down with Kenneth Hillan, M.B., Ch.B. 23andMe’s Head of Therapeutics, to learn more about his journey, career, and vision for Therapeutics. … Continue reading

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Betul Erbasi – Featured Blogger of the Week June 14, 2019

I chose Betul Erbasi: https://betulerbasi.com as the Featured Blogger of the Week. Past Featured Bloggers of the Week: https://upsdownsfamilyhistory.wordpress.com/tag/featured-blogger-of-the-week/

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In Honor of National Flag Day June 14, 2019

In addition to this being the U. S. Army’s 244th Birthday – https://upsdownsfamilyhistory.wordpress.com/2019/06/14/happy-244th-birthday-u-s-army, it is also the 242th National Flag Day in the U. S. – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_Day_(United_States). YouTube Flag Day video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cwMmKdRcKY (around 3:09 minutes long) For Flag Days in … Continue reading

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Happy 244th Birthday U. S. Army

Happy 244th Birthday to the U. S. Army. As the brother of a former Army NCO and who has many friends who were in the Army, your service is appreciated. I saw this post – https://www.defensenews.com/video/2019/06/14/the-us-army-celebrates-its-244th-birthday/.    

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FamilySearch Person Pages: Summaries of Your Ancestors’ Lives June 12, 2019

I saw this a couple of days ago on FamilySearch – FamilySearch Person Pages: Summaries of Your Ancestors’ Lives June 12, 2019: https://www.familysearch.org/blog/en/familysearch-person-pages/. FamilySearch.org is home to the world’s largest online family tree, and it contains records for over one … Continue reading

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