If You Are Going to Use Patreon As a Creator, Consider $1 and $2 Pledge Levels

I noticed a blogger who is using Patreon (What is Patreon?). The blogger decided to go with $5 as their minimum pledge level and limit the various pledge levels to so many Patrons. At the higher levels, that makes sense. At the lower levels, it doesn’t. Likewise, not offering $1 and $2 levels doesn’t make sense as many people can only afford $1 or $2/month, and it adds up as some Patreon creators have 10,000+ Patrons donating $1 – 2/month each. From what I read, $1 pledge levels makes you very little as Patreon and related fees tends to eat up most of the money at that level. At $2, you get to keep a fair amount of the pledge money. In many cases, you only get access to Patron Posts that aren’t available to the general public if you pledge at $1 or $2.

I bring this up because some Patreon creators have thousands of Patrons at the $1 and $2 levels. I don’t sponsor any creators yet, but follow almost 60 creators. I did a spot check of those I follow. Some choose to show how much they receive monthly and others choose to not reveal how much they receive each month. Many don’t have $1 or $2 pledge levels, but some only have $1 pledge levels. You can always make a customized pledge above or below the pledge levels offered by creators.

In one case , a creator had most of his $16,000+/month (December 2018 post) coming from a handful of supporters (23 at the time) – 90 of the Biggest Earners on Patreon (And What They’re Selling) From $456 to $34,420 in monthly revenue May 2017 Article

Here’s an interesting Patreon, https://www.patreon.com/evanyou, as he generates a lot of money from different tiers. He has 20 Patrons who pay $500/month and 3 Patrons who pay $2,000/month. That’s $16,000 of the $16,516/month he receives so the remaining 210 Patrons only provide $516/month total. Those who spend $500+/month do get some major perks so it could be worth spending the money if you wanted some high visibility for your company.

I checked the creator’s Patreon account today, and he has lost a few supporters – 212 supporters (down from 233 supporters in December 2018), but has gained over $2,800/month income – $19,404 (up from $16,516 back in December).

Here are some of the top 100 Patreon creators in terms of the number of Patrons supporting them: https://graphtreon.com/patreon-creators. Where known, it includes monthly income earned, but even without those numbers, you can click on the others and go with the lowest pledge level offered to get a minimum of how much they are making monthly. If you click on a creator, Graphteon gives an estimated range for those creators who don’t show how much income they generate monthly.

If you support a creator, make sure you understand the difference between a set amount / month and a variable amount / month. Many creators charge whatever pledge level regardless of how much content they create. However, some charge per item they create each month. In the second case, if a creator uploads five (5) videos in a month, your pledge level charge would be 5x what your basic pledge level was. For example, you had pledged $5/month/video so that month, you will be charged $25 ($5/video x5 videos).

Other options to consider if you don’t want the hassle of being a Patreon creator is something like https://ko-fi.com/ or https://www.buymeacoffee.com/.


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