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New Bundle of Holding Empire of the Petal Throne June 11, 2019

I saw this on Bundle of Holding recently – added to Gaming Sunday June 9, 2019. New Bundle of Holding Empire of the Petal Throne June 11, 2019: Tékumel: https://bundleofholding.com/presents/Tekumel. These are PDFs, but they are not OCR copies so … Continue reading

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When You are Bipolar Creating a Support Team is Important… — Kathy’s Journey

This Mental Illness website has so much great information nami.org (National Alliance on Mental Health) Having a good team of a doctor,nurse practitioner a therapist and good friends and family is helping me to cope with being Bipolar. I am … Continue reading

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How to Conquer Stress in College — Old Soul + Young Heart

Life in general is already a roller coaster of stress, and then you add college to the mix, and stress begins to skyrocket. Between papers, projects, and exams and tests to study for, it can be overwhelming at times, but … Continue reading

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Fear Not Public Speaking: New Report – 23andMe June 11, 2019

I saw this on 23andMe’s blog this afternoon – Fear Not Public Speaking: New Report: https://blog.23andme.com/health-traits/fear-not-public-speaking/. This trait may only be available if you tested with the latest chip (v5). I know it’s not available for v3 chip testers like … Continue reading

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Kansas City (Missouri) Zoo – YouTube Channel June 11, 2019

Usually my daily vlog posts are to specific videos. Today, I decided to share a YouTube channel – Kansas City (Missouri) Zoo YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_pPFW2jn1pUT1O5D1m3brg. There are 184 videos (as of when I viewed the channel a few hours ago). … Continue reading

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Win Tickets to MyHeritage LIVE, Including a Free Stay at the Iconic Hilton Amsterdam

I found this on MyHeritage earlier this afternoon – Win Tickets to MyHeritage LIVE, Including a Free Stay at the Iconic Hilton Amsterdam: https://blog.myheritage.com/2019/06/win-a-free-stay-at-the-iconic-hilton-amsterdam/. We’re gearing up for MyHeritage LIVE, our 2nd annual user conference, which is less than three … Continue reading

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Evel Knievel Musuem, Topeka, Kansas – Kansas Tuesdays June 11, 2019

Here is this week’s Kansas Tuesdays post for June 11, 2019 – Evel Knievel Museum, Topeka, Kansas. I saw it on Roadside America – https://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/57313. Official Website: http://evelknievelmuseum.com/  Location PHONE: 785.215.6205 LOCATION: 2047 SW Topeka Blvd, Topeka, KS 66612 ALWAYS CALL AHEAD to … Continue reading

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Cemetery Census Website – Tombstone Tuesdays June 11, 2019

I found this website, Cemetery Census – http://cemeterycensus.com/ during a cemetery search. It only covers a handful of states right now. A volunteer effort to provide free listings of complete cemetery surveys along with photographs of grave markers. This is … Continue reading

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Laura Homesites Open for the Season 2019 — Sarah’s Notebook

The Laura Ingalls Wilder Season has officially gotten underway again. If you plan a Laura trip before they open, make sure you call ahead. The homesite museums that are not fully open, may or may not be able to accommodate … Continue reading

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