Traveller5 Kickstarter Campaign

The Traveller5 RolePlaying Game (RPG) – was an early science fiction (sci-fi) RPGs – 1977. It wasn’t the first sci-fi RPG, but it has done a lot better than most sci-fi RPGs. It was unusual in several ways which I will explain in a bit. This is the 5th edition* of the game. I owned the earlier editions and they have been fun games to play.

*5th edition might be considered a bit of a misnomer,

.Here’s the Kickstarter campaign link: ends Thursday, June 6, 2019 10:00 AM CDT.

One of the most unusual aspects of the game was the risk of death to the character you rolled up before you ever got to play the game. In most other RPGs, you didn’t run the risk of dying in the initial character generation. Another deviation was the use of 2D6 (D = dice; range 2 – 12); most RPGs of the time went with 3D6 (range 3 – 18) or 1D20 (range 1 – 20).

Over the years, the game has generated a lot of reference material. I haven’t been to a gaming convention in 20+ years, but it was a popular game back when I was attending gaming conventions.





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