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Where there is no struggle, there is no strength. — susiesopinions

When I was browsing Amazon, I happened to see this inspirational quote. It is so me. My brother was born in the war, and I was, when it was over. Times were hard, and as a family we struggled. Most … Continue reading

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Teenage brothers open seafood market, all on their own — Mississippi Business Journal Mississippi Mondays May 20, 2019

Make no mistake, Drake and Chase Killingsworth are not your typical teenagers. Drake, 18, is a graduating senior at Gautier High School, where Chase, 16, is a freshman. They are also businessmen — successful ones, too. The brothers recently opened … Continue reading

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11th Airborne Division in Japan — Pacific Paratrooper

Just as General Douglas MacArthur said to Gen. Robert Eichelberger that it was a long road to Tokyo, so it was for Smitty. Yes, the stretch from Broad Channel to Camp MacKall and finally Atsugi Airfield was a long and … Continue reading

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Today in Literary History – May 20, 1609 – William Shakespeare’s Sonnets are first published — bookworm norm

154 sonnets by William Shakespeare were first published on May 20, 1609 by Thomas Thorpe. Nearly everything about the sonnets – their composition, dedication, and publication – leads to a rabbit’s warren of confusion, speculation and disagreement. The controversy starts … Continue reading

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Italian Battle of the Bulge – Operation Winter Storm 1944 YouTube Video

As much as I have read about World War II, I have never heard of an Italian Battle of the Bulge – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Garfagnana until a few days ago when I was looking on YouTube – Italian Battle of the Bulge – … Continue reading

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1 Fact to Get You Further — MississippiMary

Integrity. ☀️ We hear about this especially within leadership to “lead with integrity”. ✔️But do we really “get” the depth of it? 🤔It’s doing something because it’s the right thing to do. 💥No matter the personal gain 💰that weighs heavier- it’s just THE right thing to do. The more you LIVE 🔥in a state of […] […]

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Preserving Pennsylvania’s oldest historical documents – witf

My mother’s patrilineal‘s line –https://www.dictionary.com/browse/patrilineal arrived in the United States (U. S.) in the 1750s in Pennsylvania (south central area of the state) with many of the line moving to Ohio later although some stayed in Pennsylvania, and others moved … Continue reading

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Big Shrimpin’ – Gulf Coast Moms Blog

This may not seem like the typical Gulf Coast Moms Blog post, but I can guarantee it will make you have all the feels! When I found out about this story, I knew I had to learn more and share … Continue reading

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