Smithsonian YouTube Channel

Smithsonian YouTube Channel: There are over 2,300 videos on this channel. The videos cover a wide range of topics. They have a paid channel, – looks to be $4.99/month, U. S. subscribers only.

Here are some examples:

A Chinese Grandmother Crosses a River by Zipline: (about 3:00 minutes).

These WWI Ambulance Trains Could Care for 500 Men at Once: (about 2:00 minutes).

How an Earthquake, Tsunami, and Firestorm All Hit Lisbon at Once: (about 2:05 minutes long).

Titanoboa: Monster Snake – Titanoboa Vs. T-Rex: (about 1:33 minutes long).

Ancient Engineering That Kept One of the Driest Cities Wet: (about 3:22 minutes long).

Plenty of playlists to choose from:

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