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Of greats and grands — The Legal Genealogist

What to call the new twig Reader Joyce Gagnon’s family tree is about to gain a new twig. And she isn’t entirely sure what to call him — except, of course, the cutest baby in the world. “I’m the youngest … Continue reading

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Ancestry Labs Beta February 27, 2019

UPDATE: Numerous crashes reported in Facebook groups – see Reports of AncestryDNA Crashes – February 28, 2019. I shouldn’t be surprised as Ancestry has a bad habit of not doing enough testing when they release new stuff. I saw this … Continue reading

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Reports of AncestryDNA Crashes – February 28, 2019

Seeing numerous reports on various Facebook groups of AncestryDNA crashing. Don’t be surprised if you have problems with the main Ancestry website or the AncestryDNA portion. I will be adding a warning to Ancestry to Announce Some New Features at … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Support Someone with Bipolar – BPHope

Points to ponder help from parents, partners, and pals: https://www.bphope.com/caregivers/points-to-ponder-help-from-parents-partners-and-pals/. The below are the 10 ways with details on the link above. 1. Never give up hope 2. Take some time 3. Face the facts 4. Adopt the right attitude … Continue reading

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This Is What Became Of The Native American Who Helped Hoist The Flag On Iwo Jima – YouTube Link

This Is What Became Of The Native American Who Helped Hoist The Flag On Iwo Jima: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrvDCJQQXWg (around 7:00 minutes long). I first learned of Ira Hayes through Johnny Cash‘s Ballad of Ira Hayes (see YouTube link below; runs about … Continue reading

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Couple Finds Out They Are Third Cousins – 23andMe

Thank you to  (MHGS) Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society’s favorite IT guy for this article: 23andMe Informed Me My Husband and I Are Related: https://www.thecut.com/2018/12/23andme-informed-me-my-husband-and-i-are-related.html. When it comes to DNA, endogamy – https://isogg.org/wiki/Endogamy can play a part in making relationships appear … Continue reading

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Genealogy! Just Ask! Facebook Groups

There are a number of Genealogy! Just Ask! groups on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/search/groups/?q=genealogy!%20just%20ask!&epa=SERP_TAB. The list covers different U. S. states, foreign countries, different topics, etc. One of the largest is https://www.facebook.com/groups/GenealogyJustAsk/ with over 50,000, almost 51,000, members. Part of the group’s … Continue reading

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Amsterdam Digitals — Natalie Breuer

Modern Contemporary Museum (MOCO), Amsterdam Tulip Market, Saturday Sunflowers outside the Van Gogh Museum All of the above are digital photos that I took from a weekend in Amsterdam, one of the most incredible, beautiful places I have been. I’ll … Continue reading

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Andy Griffith Museum – Mount Airy, North Carolina

When I was searching for something else about North Carolina, I came across the Andy Griffith Museum in Mount Airy, North Carolina, Andy‘s hometown. General information: Hours open, admission prices, location (information valid as of February 26, 2019): Hours Monday … Continue reading

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