How social history can help you find female ancestors – FindMyPast March 3, 2021

I saw this recently on FindMyPast – How social history can help you find female ancestors: Much longer article, but here’s a synopsis. I included the major topics below.


Guest Author 3 March 2021

Researching the women in your family tree often presents significant challenges. Lisa Lisson explains how social history records can help.

Female ancestors frequently did not create many formal records for us – their descendants – to find. Add to that a name change occurring at marriage. And in the case of multiple marriages, that female ancestor may have more than one name change.

No wonder we struggle to identify or keep track of that great-great-grandmother. When searching for our female ancestors, sometimes it’s less about finding that one record naming her husband or parents and more about learning how to find and put clues about her life together to draw the correct conclusion.


When you start searching for your female ancestor, always remember the fact she was living a full life. She was a person with likes and dislikes. She had causes she was passionate about. She had friends. We may not see the evidence in traditional genealogy records, but your female ancestor was absolutely participating in her community.


What is social history and why should you pay attention to it?


Where to look for influences in your female ancestor’s life


When trying to find your female ancestor, remember…


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