Why Did It Take Amazon and EBay So Long to Stop Price Gouging Covid19 Related Supplies? – March 16, 2020

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FYI: price gouging is illegal in many places. I remember on September 11, 2001 where the price of gas jumped by a sizeable amount temporarily. Several places in Wichita took it to the extreme and raised gas prices to $5 – 10/gallon. The state of Kansas busted those places for price gouging. Most places in town doubled the price of gas for several days after the attack happened, but were back to normal prices a few days later.

It should not have taken various government levels stepping in to address the price gouging issue on sites like Amazon, EBay, etc. when it came to things related to Covid19. I am not going to voice why I think Amazon and EBay were unwilling to stop price gouging as soon as it started up, but they should “nipped it in the bud” immediately. Hopefully, they will do so next time although I doubt they will.  EBay‘s solution was to simply ban certain items from being offered. Amazon still has many people price gouging, but both companies are working with government regulators to go after the price gougers.

I remember  when a certain major bakery company announced it was shutting down, I saw prices on EBay and Amazon that were price gouging with this company’s products. They would buy lots of cases for $20 and sell them on EBay or Amazon for $100. Many people were willing to pay $100. Saw a few who priced the same case for $1,000, 10,000, 1 million, and 10 million. I doubt any of those sold at those prices.

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5 Responses to Why Did It Take Amazon and EBay So Long to Stop Price Gouging Covid19 Related Supplies? – March 16, 2020

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Does it seem like Amazon and Ebay have a better control right now with price gouging?

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    • EBay originally stopped offering certain amounts to be put on their site. Amazon had a long way to go. They took some preventative measures after enough people complained. They banned some of the worst offenders, but I am still seeing what are prices on numerous things well above what they said be on Amazon. I realize some of the items have gone up a fair amount from the companies that make the products, but there are plenty of items that are far above what I could pay locally for the same thing.

      I remember September 11th where gas prices spiked high for a few days. Some stations decided to price gouge and the state of Kansas hit those who were charging 2 – 10 times what most places were charging for price gouging. Most stations didn’t raise the rates to the level too high, but they still went up a fair amount. Within a few days, the prices returned to normal. Pretty sure those who price gouged got fined enough to make them think twice the next time. I see where some states have gone after those who price gouged on Amazon or EBay during the heyday.

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