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A Family Treasure from Ebay — The Family Kalamazoo

Mary Ann S., who runs the Facebook group Reconnecting Kalamazoo, made a big find relating to this blog and my family. Thank you so much, Mary!!! She emailed me that she had found something on ebay I might be interested … Continue reading

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Couple buy 72ft WWII ship off eBay in ultimate restoration project — John’s Navy and other Maritime or Military News

A couple who stumbled across an old WWII ship on eBay say the purchase was ‘a heart over head decision’ which led to them taking on the ultimate restoration project. Couple buy 72ft WWII ship off eBay in ultimate restoration … Continue reading

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Why Did It Take Amazon and EBay So Long to Stop Price Gouging Covid19 Related Supplies? – March 16, 2020

Standard Disclaimers: I am not an attorney and any comments I post are not intended, nor should they be construed, as legal advice. If you need legal advice, please consult a legal expert who is familiar with the area of … Continue reading

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Tracfone Brands Offering $25 eBay And Amazon Gift Cards — BestMVNO

Tracfone is running a promotion through its Amazon and eBay stores. Customers that pick up a SIM card kit from one of several Tracfone owned brands and activate service on a qualifying plan will receive a $25 eGift card. The … Continue reading

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Update to TracFone Issue – February 10, 2020

When I first got a TracFone in 2013 to replace my BoostMobile plan I cancelled, I was not familiar with the company. I am now a fan of TracFone as it meets my needs and works where I need it … Continue reading

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Fetchbook.info May Be Up Soon – January 11, 2020

I became aware of the website Fetchbook.info about mid-2000s. It went down over a year ago, possibly longer. I had not visited it in a while the first time I noticed it was down. Basically, the site wouldn’t load – … Continue reading

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Question – Taegukgi – The Brotherhood of War – South Korean Film October 28, 2019

I am looking for a DVD copy or download from a reputable site with English sub-titles or audio of this movie to purchase. I found a legal way that should work to get a Region 2 or 3 DVD region … Continue reading

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If Purchasing DNA Kits From EBay, Amazon, and Deal Sites, Always Activate the Kits As Soon As You Receive Them

I routinely see people who got burned by purchasing a DNA kit from EBay, Amazon, or a deal site, usually it’s AncestryDNA kits, but it can happen with 23andMe, FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA), FindMyPastDNA, LivingDNA,  or MyHeritageDNA kits as well. I … Continue reading

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Collecting RPGs: My Take — No Rerolls

I collect RPG books but I would not, in the way I understand the word, call myself a ‘collector’. I say that because when I use that word, I picture someone searching for those last couple of titles to finish … Continue reading

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A Wise Decision By a Dice Company – Dice Envy Reconsiders Limited Edition Sets

ownI am glad to see a dice company, Dice Envy – https://diceenvy.com/, has decided to forgo limited edition dice sets – https://diceenvy.com/blogs/news/reconsidering-limited-editions. From the Dice Envy link above: What is new?  1. Customers now have the option to sign up … Continue reading

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