Update 2.0 on TracFone – February 11, 2020

I wasn’t expecting to do another update so soon on my TracFone journey – Update to TracFone Issue – February 10, 2020, but I lost the ability to use mobile data yesterday on my TracFone. Not a big deal for the most part except I play a game that requires Wi-Fi or mobile data on my new phone and it requires playing daily to get better bonuses. At home, I can’t play the game on my Tello phone with the unlimited 2G data as that phone’s memory is limited. It’s next on my list of phone upgrades. Anyway, I used chat on TracFone‘s website earlier. They couldn’t solve it and the tech support guy had to pass the buck up to a “higher department.” The higher department called me right back and after about 10 minutes, got my mobile data working again.

As I mentioned in the earlier post, I appreciate TracFone adding to my expiration date and not penalizing for renewing by clearing my talk/text/data (TTD) balances. I also enjoy that I can add 30, 60, 90, 180, or 365 days to my expiration date, depending on my needs and budget at the time. I also am happy they quickly resolved the issue. In this case, it helped as I had my Tello phone they could call me on while working on my TracFone issue.

I share or re-blog a few cell phone posts as everyone has different needs and budgets. In the U. S., there are several major carriers and each of those carriers have 1 or more subsidiary MVNO partners.

In general, my phone purchases tend to be a few years behind the newest models. It’s cheaper by a good margin to wait a year or two to upgrade and the phones are still better than the cheaper new phones coming out.


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3 Responses to Update 2.0 on TracFone – February 11, 2020

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    You must do a lot on your phone

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    • On my TracFone, no. I have a few friends who call me on it, but it’s a PAYGO (Pay As You Go). As long as I don’t let the time expire (April 2021), I don’t lose the talk/text/data. I went with HSN to order my phone as they gave me 1,500 talk/text/MB Data (TTD) and a year’s extension to the expiration date. It was cheaper than buying only the phone as the TTD by itself was $125 plus around $40 for the phone. HSN offered it for $49.99 + tax/shipping. Figured $53ish was much cheaper than $175+. I have more than enough texts (12K+), data is around 2 GB, and 2K+ talk minutes for as little as I do with it.

      On my Tello phone, it’s $9.52/billing cycle. Unlimited talk and text with 500 MB LTE. Once the LTE runs out, it’s unlimited 2G. The unlimited data runs out early in the billing cycle, but the 2G is good enough I can do basic blog posts with it.

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