Update to TracFone Issue – February 10, 2020

When I first got a TracFone in 2013 to replace my BoostMobile plan I cancelled, I was not familiar with the company. I am now a fan of TracFone as it meets my needs and works where I need it to work. I enjoy not losing the extra talk/text/MB data (TTD) when I renew and them extending the expiration date. These two things were uncommon with many other cell phone companies when you renew early or on time. With many cell phone companies, you either start the new expiration date with the date you renew and you often lose all the TTD balances you had. For example, with several companies I had in the past if I renewed the day after my normal renewal date, everything reset to 0 and the new expiration date would start as soon as I renewed. It was a challenge as I only had the one phone back then. I have two phones now and both don’t penalize me by zeroing out my TTD balances.

Update to my earlier post – Why Having a Back-up Cell Phone Is a Good Idea – Reblog from January 20, 2019 – February 2, 2020. I am including some history of my TracFone relationship. As my expiration date was coming up in April, I decided to check out my options. My phone was recharging again as I replaced the USB charger. A new phone, without extra TTD was $38 at Wal-Mart, bit more at TracFone. To get 1,500 TTD at those places was $125 + tax. I checked out HSN to see what TracFone deals they had going. They had a TracFone Rebel 4 (newer version than my earlier Rebel 4 and had Oreo Android) for $49.99 + tax with 1,500 TTD that added 365 days to my expiration date. In comparison, 750 TTD with 90-day expiration date extension would cost me $45 + tax if I went with the other options.  Easy choice – new phone and twice the TTD for less than half the price. They are no longer tripling TTD, but it was worth it.

BestMVNO is where I first learned of TracFone‘s good deals on phone/plan combinations  with HSN and QVChttps://bestmvno.com/daily-deals/tracfone-airtime-bundle-lg-rebel-3-59-95/ – I received a Rebel 4 instead of the Rebel 3 which was a better phone. It was this deal where I added a year to my TracFone expiration by buying this promo. End result – expiration went from April 2019 to 2020. At the time, I was spending around $54/year with TracFone to get about half the talk, text, and data this deal offered. In addition, I got a new phone and 1,500 TTD. Turns out TracFone tripled (4,500 TTD instead of 1,500) it as my last phone was a triple phone. They phased out the triple and double phones, but gave me the triple deal one last time with this deal.

I will check QVC and HSN in a year to see what bundle deals they have for TracFone. Unless something changes, I expect I can get a similar bundle deal that adds to my expiration date. I will also check Ebay, Wal-Mart and TracFone. It would be nice if I could buy additional expiration date time cheaper since 4,200+ talk minutes will last me for around 3 years. I rarely use the data, maybe once or twice a day at home and for such short periods, I will have a lot of data left next year. With over 12,000 texts, I rarely send texts and get a couple per week.



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