Nazi POW Camp, Concordia – Kansas Tuesdays August 27, 2019

I went with the Nazi POW Camp in Concordia, Kansas for this week’s Kansas Tuesdays post –


360 Wichita: No listing located

Abandoned Playgrounds: No listing located

Atlas Obscura: No listing located

Big Kansas Road Trip: No listing located –

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Facebook (website, search, or blog page):


Foursquare: No listing located

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 Google Maps: Concordia, Kansas (Street View available, but don’t see it)



Kansas Historical Society: (PDF)

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KS History Group D:

KS Hometown Locator:,z,66901,p,pow%20camp%20museum,i,8408lxx5-80d5914340ca090e8143b93b320b4b3b.cfm

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not directly mentioned on, but it does link to which links to Camp Concordia ZZZZ


YouTube: (search) – not much

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7 Responses to Nazi POW Camp, Concordia – Kansas Tuesdays August 27, 2019

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Wow so you visited this POW camp before, how was it? Crazy to think that Nazis were under guard in the US

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    • No, I haven’t visited it, other Google Street View. There isn’t much to see as most of the site has been torn down. Think a couple of buildings were still standing on Street View. It’s on my Bucket List as Concordia also has an old missile silo that’s been turned into a prepper bunker. It’s funny they tried hiding the location, but they included a sign that showed the Missile silo number which made it easy to find. Plus, the local TV station interviewed someone from the site.

      I should do a post on POW camps in the U. S. as there were a few. Looks like 425,000 Germans in 700 camps in the U. S. according to Wikipedia. Looks like the handful of German admirals and generals wind up in Camp Shelby, Mississippi.

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