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We Try to Pronounce Florida Town Names – YouTube Video

In keeping with the last few days where a number of posts were Florida related, I chose this YouTube video – We Try to Pronounce Florida Town Names. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9z7J3rE5jAw (around 3:58 minutes long).    

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MyHeritage Helps Robin McGraw Discover Her Family History On Dr. Phil July 30, 2019

I saw this earlier today on MyHeritage – MyHeritage Helps Robin McGraw Discover Her Family History On Dr. Phil: https://blog.myheritage.com/2019/07/myheritage-helps-robin-mcgraw-discover-her-family-history/. In December 2018, television personality Dr. Phil welcomed MyHeritage consultant Yvette Corporon to his show to reveal previously unknown details … Continue reading

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Quick Tip: Sifting Through DNA Matches – FamilySearch August 2, 2019

I saw this on FamilySearch earlier today –Quick Tip: Sifting Through DNA Matches: https://media.familysearch.org/quick-tip-sifting-through-dna-matches/. Summary If you’ve taken an autosomal DNA test at 23andMe, AncestryDNA, or Family Tree DNA, you likely have a long list of genetic cousins. After sequencing portions of your … Continue reading

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Kelly Mattei’s Favorite Things – Featured Blogger of the Week August 2, 2019

Since this seems to be a week where I posted a bit more about Florida than usual, I decided to go with a blogger who has a Florida connection for this week’s Featured Blogger of the Week – Kelly Mattei’s … Continue reading

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Advocacy alert: Please speak in support of Gulfport (Florida) history at city council Tuesday night – Gulfport History Museum August 6, 2019

I have posted a few times about the Gulfport (Florida) History Museum. If you live in the area, you can attend the city council meeting. If you don’t live in the area, I included the e-mail contact information for the … Continue reading

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BillionGraves Summer Surfing Contest! August 2019

I forgot to check BillionGraves yesterday to see if there was a new contest for August. Turns out there is – BillionGraves Summer Surfing Contest!: https://blog.billiongraves.com/2019/08/01/billiongraves-summer-surfing-contest/. It’s mentioned below, but the contest ends – All photos and transcriptions must be … Continue reading

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B-29 Doc to flyover K-State Football’s season opener August 31, 2019 — B-29 Doc

B-29 Doc will help kick off the K-State football season with a flyover prior to kickoff of the Nicholls State game, Saturday, August 31. Four K-State graduates will be leading the flight crew during the flyover, including pilots Steve Zimmerman … Continue reading

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Other Things To Be Leery About with Regards to Obituaries and Death Certificates August 2, 2019

In addition to my warning about being careful trusting obituaries and death certificates when it comes to where someone is buried Pet Peeve Rant Warning – Find-A-Grave Plopping and Burial Unknowns/Cremated August 1, 2019, there are other things to be … Continue reading

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Enhance your 23andMe profile with FamilySearch – 23andMe

I saw this e-mail last night from 23andMe. You have to log-in to see more details. Basically, it allows you to attach your FamilySearch Family Tree to your 23andMe account. Display your family tree information Dear 23andMe Beta Tester, You’re … Continue reading

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FindMyPast Fridays August 2, 2019

I appreciate FindMyPast posting this yesterday – FindMyPast Fridays August 2, 2019.  Cincinnati Roman Catholic Parish Records Over 644,000 new Cincinnati records have been added to the Catholic Heritage Archive. As well as adding new transcripts, images of original documents … Continue reading

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