Harsh Writing Advice! (Mostly for New Writers) – YouTube Video

HARSH WRITING ADVICE! (mostly for newer writers): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYqZjCsAJeg (in case the above video doesn’t work). She makes the point in the blurb:

DISCLAIMER: this is just a bit of fun! While the core advice is 100% true, I’m dressing it up with a bit of exagerrated affect. I’m nice and I believe in you! And do note, as I say in the video: SELF CARE IS IMPORTANT! Harsh writing advice isn’t helpful if you’re in a really rough spot and need to take care of yourself. There’s a thin line between excuses and genuinely being in a bad place for writing. Take breaks if you need them and don’t be too hard on yourself. (Also first books don’t always suck, but they usually need a LOT of work.)


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