Bundle of Holding Update – September 10, 2021

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  • Last day to get in on the Delta Green: The Conspiracy Kickstarter, funding a new hardcover 25th-anniversary edition of the original 1996 Delta Green campaign supplement, newly updated for the Arc Dream Publishing Delta Green RPG. This campaign, Arc Dream’s most successful ever, has unlocked an agency-full of stretch goals. And don’t miss our resurrected Delta Green RPG Bundle (June 2018) and its companion offer, the October 2019 DG Operations. Both revivals end this Sunday night!
    Oh, and today (Friday) at 4PM Eastern US time (GMT -4), the Delta Green Partnership will be on Twitch livestreaming the final hours of the campaign.
  • Kevin Crawford at Sine Nomine Publishing is Kickstarting Stars Without Number RPG: Offset Print Edition.
  • Paul Baldowski (The Cthulhu Hack) is funding The Dee Sanction Adventures – Print Edition, a 36-page softcover collection of five adventures for his historical-occult RPG of Elizabethan investigation. In service to Queen Elizabeth, the five adventures pit wary Agents against book thieves, traitors, elder magic, assassins, and forces not of this Earth. Gotta love any adventure titled “The Gong Scourer’s Baby.”
  • Bloat Games has a new standalone Mythos RPG compatible with Dark Places & Demogorgons, which we presented in June. SURVIVE THIS!! What Shadows Hide funds a new core rulebook and a companion Cthulhu Sourcebook.
  • In the campaign Boricubos: Latin American Monsters and Adventures, Legendary Games is funding two big fantasy supplements for D&D 5E and Pathfinder 1E: a bestiary of Central and South American monsters and a companion Caribbean-inspired setting created by Legendary “and a diverse team including nearly 20 Latinx authors and artists.
  • Congrats to Pinnacle for launching its own dedicated funding/preorder system on the Pinnacle Entertainment site. The campaign for a Super Powers Companion for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition has already raised US$65K. One interesting feature of their platform (a custom WordPress plugin): As an add-on to your Companion pledge you can purchase anything sold through the Pinnacle web store.
  • A few interesting projects from publishers who haven’t (yet) contributed to Bundle offers: Tanares RPG is a gigantically successful ($1.4M and counting) campaign supplement and adventure for D&D 5E, with contributions from Ed Greenwood, Amy Vorpahl, Rob Schwalb, Skip Williams, and many other luminaries.
  • Stingers & Spores is an insectile RPG based on Savage Worlds. “High fantasy meets entomology in a romp across the mysterious and perilous lands of the Insect Kingdoms. Experience this new and exciting world from the compound eyes of the bugs who live there.”
  • The Herbalist’s Primer, from Exalted Funeral, is an illustrated guide to real-world magical plants for magicians, worldbuilders, alchemists, and gamemasters. “From screaming mandragoras to shapeshifting deadly nightshade to hawthorns holding portals to the fey realms, the world of plant folklore is full of fascinating stories, magical rituals, and simple spells that are quite unbreakable.” This Kickstarter has already grossed more than $443K with two weeks left!
  • Historica Arcanum: The City of Crescent is a D&D 5E sourcebook of Near Eastern cultures, created by a new company in Istanbul, Turkey called Metis Media.


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