National Geographic Geno Project Update – July 2, 2020

As I was bored and had some time on my hands yesterday and today, I decided to see if National Geographic (NatGeo) – National Geographic Geno Project Results Being Removed June 30, 2020 – DNA Saturdays June 27, 2020 had removed my two results from their website –

I am not complaining. I am happy the results are still there. I saved my results from both kits shortly after posting on June 27th – FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) and Helix as I expected the results were going to be removed. Turns out they hadn’t been removed yesterday and when I checked a few hours ago, they were still up.

I much prefer a company that gives a deadline to remove something and doesn’t remove it after the deadline passes to a company that gives a deadline and removes it earlier than they said they were going to remove them. The only worse company is one that removes stuff without warning. I realize it’s not always possible to give warning, but in some cases, it’s obvious the company is struggling months before they pull the plug without warning.

I had results on a different DNA company who knew they were in financial troubles months before they pulled the plug. In that instance, I didn’t have most of the stuff saved as I didn’t know the company was having issues. Those results were gut related, not ethnicity related. I checked and I saved one of the DNA results as a PDF back in February 2018. It would have been nice if the company had notified me they were shutting down. From what I read a few weeks ago from last year’s articles, it was obvious they were in trouble about this time last year. Had I known, I would have saved the other items from later gut tests. I think I had 4 – 6 tests I took over a several year period.

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