The Misen Carbon Steel Pan – Kickstarter Campaign Ends March 4, 2020

This Kickstarter campaign caught my attention for one reason, how small the campaign goal compared to how much it has raised so far – The Misen Carbon Steel Pan: How much the goal was and how much it has raised. It has just under 58 hours (Wednesday, March 4 2020 10:59 PM CST) to go as of when this post went live. As of an hour ago, the campaign was at $1,902,372 pledged of $20,000 goal with 19,095 backers. Impressive for a $20,000 original campaign goal. Updated numbers as of a few minutes ago $1,904,966 with 19,122 backers.

Here’s the Kicktraq:

Most campaigns with a goal this size don’t generate anywhere near this level of funding. Many don’t get funded because the goal isn’t met. I have seen much smaller campaign goals, less than $500, not get funded or come anywhere near close to getting funded. I also see campaigns where I think the campaign won’t get funded, but at some point, it generates enough backers to get funded.

A lot of times getting funded is more about learning what works and what doesn’t work. Jamey Stegmaier offers a free set of lessons – The lessons are for Kickstarter campaigns for boardgames, but most of the lessons will work for other types of Kickstarter campaigns as well as other crowdfunding campaigns. I encourage people to read through the free lessons if you are considering doing any kind of crowdfunding campaign. Ideally, read through them long before you start your first campaign as there are some things you need to line up in advance to increase your odds of getting funded. The lessons are not a guarantee you will get funded, but they do a lot to maximize your chances of getting funded.



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