Ki-Gor Lord of the Jungle January 19, 2020

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After seeing this post – The Covers of Jungle Stories — Through the Shattered Lens; original post – The Covers of Jungle Stories — Through the Shattered Lens, I decided to look up Ki-Gor in different places. Turns out Ki-Gor was most likely the longest lasting knock-off of Tarzan –

It’s worth noting Ki-Gor as originally published is most likely in the public domain unless the copyright was renewed. Any re-makes that add to the original stories or add new artwork would have those parts covered under copyright. Best to check with the Copyright Office to verify if a particular story is public domain or is under copyright protection. It looks like at least one company is doing re-makes.

A few other articles on Ki-Gor: (not an affiliate link)

Drummond, John Peter  ( - )
Pseudonyms: House Name
AU,Ki-Gor - Tigress of T'wanbi
AU,Ki-Gor - The Nirvana of the Seven Voodoos
AU,Ki-Gor - The Bride of the Serpent God
Ki-Gor - Voodoo Slaves For The Devil's Daughter
Ki-Gor - Death Seeks For Congo Treasure
Ki-Gor - The Monsters Of Voodoo Isle
Ki-Gor - Night Of The Wasuli Death
Ki-Gor - Slave-Caverns Of Molundu
Ki-Gor - Ki-Gor - King Of The Jungle
Ki-Gor - Ki-Gor and the Stolen Empire
Ki-Gor - Ki-Gor and the Secret Legions of Simba
Ki-Gor - Ki-Gor and the Forbidden Mountain
Ki-Gor - Ki-Gor and the Cannibal Kingdom
Ki-Gor - Paradise That Time Forgot, The
Ki-Gor - The Empire of Doom
Ki-Gor - Lair of the Beast
Ki-Gor - The Temple of the Moon God
Ki-Gor - White Savage
Ki-Gor - Slaves For the Renegade Sultan
Ki-Gor - Blood Priestess of Vig'Na
Ki-Gor - The Cannibal Horde
Ki-Gor - The Devil's Death Trap
Ki-Gor - Eyrie of the Golden Goddess
Ki-Gor - Caravan of Terror
Ki-Gor - Death Krall of the Elephants
Ki-Gor - Stalkers of the Dawn World
Ki-Gor - Cobra Queen of the Congo Legions
Ki-Gor - Monkey-Men of Loba-Gola
Ki-Gor - Land of the Lost Safaris
Ki-Gor - Silver Witch
Ki-Gor - Huntress of the Hell Pack
Ki-Gor - The Golden Beasts of Zuli'Maen
Ki-Gor - Slave Brides For the Dawn Men
Ki-Gor - Safari For Black Ivory
Ki-Gor - Blood Gold of B'Tonga
Ki-Gor - Where Man-Beasts Prowl
Ki-Gor - Warrior Queen of Attila's Lost Legion
Ki-Gor - The Diamond Fangs of M'Buba M'N
Ki-Gor - The Seven Silver Skulls of L'Gonda
Ki-Gor - Slave of the Jackal Priestess
Ki-Gor - Cromba Has a Thousand Spears
Ki-Gor - The Golden Claws of Raa
Ki-Gor - The Lost Beast of Ta-Tamba
Ki-Gor - Safari of the Serpent Slaves
Ki-Gor - The Mad Monster of Mu'ungu
Ki-Gor - The Sword of Sheba
Ki-Gor - Lost Priestess of the Nile
Ki-Gor - The Beast Gods of Atlantis
Ki-Gor - Flame Priestess of Carthage
Ki-Gor - Silver Caverns of Molundu
Ki-Gor - Fane of the Python Princess
Ki-Gor - White Cannibal
Ki-Gor - The Giant Gorilla Men


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