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New Bundle of Holding Offer – Stygian Fox Cthulhu Bundle January 13, 2020

Over 700 words, but you can click on the first link to get a shorter synopsis for the bundle. Cthulhu is based on the books by H. P. Lovecraft. Let’s just say Lovecraft had some unusual horror ideas – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H._P._Lovecraft; see … Continue reading

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Why You Should Be Careful of Memories – September 23, 2019

This is actually a serious post, but I am injecting humor into it to show why you shouldn’t trust memories. I have memory issues and have frequently thought something happened in a year that was not correct. In my case, … Continue reading

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Zombies Can’t Open Doors — iamnotyourmom.com

If you know me even a little bit, you know I am a coffee addict, a night owl, and a word nerd. Trust me, it has taken a lot of caffeine and many late nights to keep this blog going … Continue reading

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Problem with Most Zombie Books and Movies

This is from a comment in a Facebook group. One of the biggest problem most books and movies that have a zombie apocalypse theme is the fact the zombies don’t win. If the zombie infection was contained fast enough, then … Continue reading

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