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YSEQ Haplogroup Predictor (beta version) – YSEQ.net

I saw this recently on YSEQ.net – http://yseq.net/; it’s fairly new. YSEQ Haplogroup Predictor (beta version): https://predict.yseq.net/. It’s Y-DNA so you will need a male who has taken a Y-DNA STR test (12 – 111 markers). Generally, that means either … Continue reading

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Why Y-DNA and mtDNA Are Useful for Genealogy

I often hear about Y-DNA and mtDNA being useless, or almost useless, for genealogical purposes. The main reason is simple – not many people have done deep Y-DNA or full mtDNA testing. While many have done Y-12 to Y-37 testing … Continue reading

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New DNA Testing Company – YSEQ DNA Origins Project

I grew up with two parents who ran small businesses and as a result I have a special place in my heart for those starting up new businesses. In memory of my parents, I will occasionally highlight small businesses. I … Continue reading

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