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Twigby’s New Smartphone Value Plans Start At $20/Month — BestMVNO

Twigby has updated its wireless plans. The Sprint MVNO with roaming on Verizon has some new “Value Plans” that will live alongside their build your own plan options. The new plans start at $20/month but a perpetually running promotion from … Continue reading

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Tello, Twigby, and Ting Cost Comparison – Sprint CDMA

Disclosure: Note: I am a current Tello customer (one line PAYGO, one line $9.00 plan – total charge $9.60/billing cycle for unlimited talk and text, 500 MB LTE with unlimited 2G after the LTE runs out) as well as a … Continue reading

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Unreal Mobile / FreedomPop Update for Those Using Sprint CDMA Phones July 16, 2019

I received this notice from FreedomPop, former parent company of Unreal Mobile: FreedomPop and UNREAL Mobile has made the decision to no longer offer service on the Sprint network. All customers that use a Sprint (CDMA) device on FreedomPop or … Continue reading

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Tello Has Over 50k Subscribers and Offering Customers Chance To Win Account Credits – BestMVNO

Thank you to BestMVNO for the weekly update: Tello Appears To Now Have Over 50k Subscribers, Offering Customers Chance To Win Account Credits – https://bestmvno.com/tello/tello-over-50k-subscribers-customers-chance-to-win-account-credits/. I use two (2) Tello PAYGO lines as emergency back-up. I have thought about upgrading … Continue reading

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Tello Vs. Twigby Comparison

On Facebook, I found an article comparing Twigby and Ting – which links to https://www.threethriftyguys.com/2019/01/twigby-vs-ting/?fbclid=IwAR0QreVunS05SelGe9sKEybOraKM7rBLDpzds0ygW6wmJM9XIng52Exkxn0https://tello.com/buy/custom_planshttps://www.twigby.com/page/howitworks. It briefly included some of the other MVNO‘s. Twigby was the big winner in the above article. It helped Twigby that Ting requires $6/line fee … Continue reading

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