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Why Traditional Publishing Is Dying – September 27, 2019

I have made this point a number of times, but traditional publishing is dying. I am talking about book sales as some niche markets, like gaming books are doing okay. However, the competition from Print on Demand (POD) from places … Continue reading

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MySpace File Loss Update

Update: It appears many of the songs I added from others who uploaded them to playlists are still available although they may or may not be attached to playlists. If you saw my earlier MySpace post, Wayback Machine Recovers 490,000 … Continue reading

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Wayback Machine Recovers 490,000 of the 50 Million MySpace Music Files Lost Recently

I saw several articles about the loss of MySpace music files recently lost that were partially recovered and added to the Wayback Machine, including https://www.theverge.com/2019/4/4/18295014/myspace-lost-songs-dragon-project-tracks-web-archive-internet-archive-450000-recovery The Internet Archive has published a catalogue of 490,000 MySpace songs uploaded to the service … Continue reading

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Facebook Sent Me a FaceVersary Notice February 13, 2019

Facebook posted a FaceVersary notice today, February 13, 2019. Hard to believe it’s been eleven (11) years since I joined. That means I joined in 2008. The reason I joined was to help with my Master’s thesis: Working on Updating … Continue reading

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