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Estimated Stats By DNA Testing Companies

Post originally started July 20, 2018, but updated September 8, 2018 with my current estimates based on a combination of  various sources mixed with my own personal estimates. This isn’t always easy as some DNA companies keep their stats up … Continue reading

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Current September 2018 DNA Sales

Most likely the next big sale will be Black Friday/Cyber Monday for most companies although a few may do sporadic sales between now and then; (NOTE: None of the Amazon or other links below are affiliate links – they are … Continue reading

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Genes for Good Facebook App

When I first heard about the Genes for Good DNA test, the University of Michigan was only offering a chance for a free DNA kit with a maximum cap of 20,000 free DNA kits. To qualify (this was several years … Continue reading

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Xcode Offers Two Free Tools and Several Paid Tools

I was familiar with Xcode from ISOGG’s DNA testing company list (see below), but hadn’t done much with it as many of the tools cost, with price ranging from $20.00 to $99.00. I haven’t done the free or paid tools. … Continue reading

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Interview with Curtis Rogers of GEDmatch – July 17, 2018

I ran across this the other day – an interview between a blogger and Curtis Rogers of GEDmatch – https://www.theblunderingdnagenealogist.com/2018/07/an-interview-with-curtis-rogers-man.html. When asked about when GEDmatch Genesis would be released (as opposed to still being in beta), here’s his response: Any … Continue reading

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New DNA Company DNAFeed

Standard Disclaimer: The information in this blog post is not intended as, nor should it be construed to be, medical advice. If you need medical advice, please consult a medical professional who works in the field that best addresses your … Continue reading

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